The Lost Soul

Destiny: The Lost Soul is another project I only heard about in 2010 when building this site. Apparently it was started around 2000 by a Hero6 Project senior staff member using its own engine and 800x600 graphics. It was supposed to be a (potential commercial) trilogy with the first chapter being freeware. However apparently the project director lost interest in the project at some point during the construction of the first chapter after the loss of several artists and the project died like so many have.

It is a shame as the images are very good and clearly a lot of effort was put into the game's creation. There were even videos and demos released but so far I have been unable to obtain them so they're probably lost forever. :(

  • FINALLY the long lost demo has been found & made available by the new Hero6 team!

    This is a rare demo that almost no one has! I'd been after it for years the new Hero6 team found it for me!

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