Heroes of Might & Magic Series

Ahh Heroes of might and magic.. I still remember when I was first introduced. I'd just got a new computer in 1996 (finally free of the 16 colour dinosaur of a computer I previously had) and chucked in a PC gamer demo cd and tried a little demo of a fantasy game that had come out the previous year called Heroes of Might & Magic 1. I was utterly blown away with what I saw next. There I was controlling heroes and armies of amazing creatures in a stunning colourful fantasy world no other game at the time could match. On top of that it had incredible stratgey & RPG elements so I was hooked! Well I was until the bloody demo timer hit!! Needless to say I got my hands on the full game as quick as I could and not long after Heroes 2 came out and the rest is history. :)

The HoMM series seemed all but dead after Heroes 4 in 2001 when its publisher 3DO went bankrupt but then a European company called Ubisoft bought the franchise and started making sequels using modern 3D graphics that have sold quite well resulting in the series continuing even today with Heroes 6 on the way.

I've inducted so many friends into the series (turning them into HoMM addicts every time lol) that in 2009 I created a large guide to help show off the game and get more friends started with various hints and tips. I recently realised I could do so much more with it as website instead of a word doc so here it is bigger and better hopefully showing off how visually amazing these games are even after all this time.

I'll also use this section to make pages for other great games inspired by the HoMM series like Age of Wonders, Disciples, and the Kings Bounty remakes!

Hope you enjoy the site!

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Heroes of Might & Magic I

Heroes of Might & Magic II
The Succession Wars

Heroes of Might & Magic III
The Restoration of Erathia

Heroes Chronicles
The Curse of Immortality

Heroes of Might & Magic IV


Heroes of Might & Magic V

Might & Magic: Heroes VI
(Heroes of Might & Magic VI)

Might & Magic: Heroes Online
(Official HoMM web browser based muliplayer game)
LINKS: Official Site

Might & Magic: Heroes Kingdoms
(Official HoMM web browser based muliplayer game)
LINKS: Official Site


Kings Bounty: The Legend
(Remake of the original kings bounty that the HoMM series spawned from)   LINKS: Official Site

Heroes of Gaia
(Web browser based muliplayer game based on HoMM thats quite fun to play)   LINKS: Official Site

Disciples Series
(Very similar to HoMM with amazing gothic artwork)
LINKS: Official Site

Age of Wonders Series

(Amazing series merging the gameplay styles of HoMM & the cult 1992 classic Master of Magic)

Hammer of the Gods
(A barely known game from NWC the creators of HoMM that merges the gameplay styles of HoMM & Civilization)
LINKS: Download from Abandonia

Master of Magic
(The cult classic that influenced so many of these games above, the perfect merger of RPG & Civilization game styles)
LINKS: Buy at Good Old Games

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