The Babylon Project
Total Conversion Mod for Freespace 2

The Babylon project is probably one of the most largest and polished Babylon 5 mods out there, it is quite something! Using the excellent Freespace 2 engine they have recreated some of Babylon 5's biggest engagements from the Earth Minbari War through to the Civil War and the Crusade era. All campaigns appear to be fully voiced with epic action packed intros and cutscenes.

The mod has a huge Youtube presence and even other modders have come along and made bonus campaigns for the Babylon project mod such as the interesting Dark Children mod (video bottom right) where you can play as the shadows wreaking havoc upon the galaxy! Or the The Relic mod (video top left), where u even get to play as some of Evil President Clarks stooges fighting Sheridan's forces in the civil war.

So what on earth are you doing still reading this? Check out the videos and download the final version below to get playing!

Main Project Page / Old Project Page

Download the Standalone DVD (so you won't require Freespace 2) plus the recent Zathras update patches and you're set to go pilot! To get the Dark Children campaign go here and for The Relic campaign go here.

Babylon Project Gameplay Videos
Pause the midi music (top right) before playing

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