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Me back in 2001 about the time I first made this site

2010 about the time I revamped this site

2013, still at it!

2015, sorry Lucas but I fired first!


Hi visitors! I still can't be stuffed putting anything about myself and the site here so I'm leaving the old 2010 message below as its not too bad. However I post about things I do and things I'm interested in (including all content covered on this site) in my new blog over at wordpress so go check it out for some good old fashioned nerd news! :)

Sadly my health isn't all that good these days (guys in their 30s should not have the problems I have grr) so I can't work a job as much as I used to which makes life a bit harder but I'm still pushing on and doing my best to work on this site a few times a year as it's my hobby and passion. If you really enjoyed visiting this site or playing one of my mods and have more money than you know what to do with (not that anyone does these days lol) then feel free to visit my paypal donations page (link below and in side menu), but otherwise a kind email telling me that you enjoyed the site is all the fuel I need to keep adding to it! Thanks for stopping by. :)

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If you're bothering to visit this section you obviously have a lot of time on your hands! :P

I originally created this site in 2001 as a way to share with the world and my mates the things I enjoy as well as some of the little hobby projects I was working on that others would likely enjoy playing or seeing, and also try and make a few bucks on the side lol. I was an art student in high school so after graduating and moving on to college doing IT/Admin training the old artist in me was on the lookout for a new artistic outlet. I'd always enjoyed photo manipulation and colourful/artistic/immersive websites so creating this site allowed me to have a go at both! I worked on and off on it from 2001 to 2003 but never did finish it due to getting into a full time job and a relationship which took up a lot of my time, plus as I got older and the years went by my interest in the sites content waned. As a result the site unfortunately sat on Geocities for 8 years before the Geocities closure in 2009. Just before the site went down I moved everything over to webring where once again the site has sat untouched for almost another year.

However in recent times I've been playing some of the old games I loved in the 90's like Sierras Quest for Glory for PC & Star Trek for Genesis/Mega Drive and as a result rediscovered my passion for some of these pages deciding to finish them, add new sections and update the older ones but do my best to keep the retro style of the site. I've also typed up in MS Word a lot of guides or fan posts with pics & tips etc in forums or facebook over the years about various games and it suddenly dawned on me that they would make great web pages in themselves and the work was already done, just copy and paste into composer and clean up the HTML lol! Also in recent years I've played some older games that either incomplete or no walkthroughs exist resulting in me making my own, once again making great potential content for this site.

We've all got bigger screens these days so I've up scaled all the old backgrounds (remaking some of them) for people with widescreens and applied a background stretch script for everyone else. I have sort of kept the sites retro early basic html look though as its always looked that way and it just wouldn't be the old Blake's Sanctum without it (and I still suck at webcoding :P ) but have changed all the pages to use transparent coloured text boxes giving a sort of Crysis/Ironman HUD look over the giant backgrounds making you feel like you are there in the game/movie.

Also obviously as a man nearly 30 years old now I laugh at my old Get Paid To Browse The Net section, but back in 2001 I was a young unemployed man hoping to find and easy way to make cash, naturally it didn't work and I had to grow up and get a job haha. But I've left the section there as like the other stuff its part of what the original Blakes Sanctum was all about so it's a good nostalgic laugh. Plus some of those sites still exist and probably accept the referrals anyway which is never a bad thing as maybe I'll get a cheque for 20 bucks when I'm 60 years old hahaha!

Hope you enjoy the site!

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