Welcome to DG's Shrine to PUAR!!
The absolute Greatest (and largest) site to Puar on the web!! Congradulations on finding your way to the shrine of the cutest character in DBZ! I hope you enjoy your stay and remember to sign the Guestbook! ^_^

Wow, it's been like, 3 frickin' years since I did any updating...But I had an excuse! The only computer that would launch the program that I use to make this site was this very old, outdated pc that lived in the garage because it had contracted a big virus at one point so mom and dad got a new one... ANYway... Mom finally decided she wanted more space, so she threw it out, and the only other computer that I knew of that would launch the program belonged to my good friend, saiyajin duchess, but she is in New York, and I am not.  BUT! Now I have new access to another computer that can launch this program, and I shall update once more!!! (Thank you kurozel.)  So prepare yourselves people, for more of the awesomeness that is PUAR!

Hello fans!  Wow, it's been an entire year since the last update! But fear not good citizens, for you shall be deprived no longer!  I have 11 new fanarts including a Puar sculpture made of reed and tissue paper! AND THAT'S NOT ALL!
One of you suggested more photos of Puar toys (yes, I do take suggestions from the guestbook!)  And since I got a new Plushie for X-Mas, I decided to go for it! Also included in Puar's toy chest is a thumnail of a DBZ trading card with Puar on it!  Some of you might wonder, "what took 'ya so long?" Well let me tell ya, 2005 was one busy year folks... I even went to Anizona (the first ever anime convention in Arizona) and there was this guy, and he took the LAST PUAR PLUSHIE!!!  Ohhhh, I was sooo mad, I was ready to go for his throat... BUT! Then I learned that he had been to this website!  Well, I couldn't stay mad at a fellow Puar fan, especially not one that had visited my site.  So I decided to let him live, and in the end, I got the same plushie for X-Mas (purchased at Atomic Comics) So it all worked out... Well, back to work!

Hey peoples!  Here's another big beutiful update for ya!  We've got 5 scary new Puar fanarts just in time for Halloween!  It's trick or treat here at the shrine! 

Sorry for the long wait, but now that we're in cool October, I can update more often. (my comp's in my garage, so it gets reeeally hot and sweaty)  Ok, I got new pics in the gallery, some new fanart, AND if you'll check out the Toy Box you can see a pic of my new Puar plush that I got on E-bay!   Ahh, life is good.

Whoo hoo!  An Update!  Go me!  I got's some new fanart People! Aaand, I got's rid of all them pesty "click here" buttons, just click on the text links above, my dear children of the corn!  Puar commands it!  You canno't deny Puar!  BUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

A new transformation, a new fanart, and 2 new pics, all for you!  You may aplaud now!

OMG! C...Can it be?!  Yes, yes it is!  An Update!  This can only be a true Miracle!  Or a sign of the Apacolypse....Either way, I have indeed updated.  Putting into action a suggestion mentioned in the guestbook (cause I do that 'ya know,)  I have created a Puar Fanart Gallery on the shrine!  How 'bout some applause people?  Anyway, it's mostly my stuff right now, but I'm looking for others!  So, how about it? Want to show your art off on the shrine?  Just send me an e-mail with your drawing and the name you want to be called and, if you want, the website you would like to get credit for.  Don't be shy!  I don't bite! (not since I got my shots anyway..)  send your stuff to:

Alright folks, let's rock'n roll!
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