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Welcome to Crazy Racing.  Jim Parkison of Van Buren, AR owns and operates the cars pictured on this site. He is also chief mechanic.  Drag racing is a hobby that Jim takes very seriously.   Take a look at some pictures from the past and present as I take you through the transition of a 74 Chevy Nova from mild street rod to a super fast drag car.  Right now Jim is in the process of building a blown alcohol 406 Dart Rocket that should produce winning times at the track.  There will soon be detailed pictures of the build up of this new motor.  He was running a 406 Chevy small block with nitrous assist this past fall.  You can view the video and watch the incredible wheel stand that finished off that stout motor.  He hit a 250 hp shot of juice from the starting line and stood this Nova straight up into the air.  It drug the back bumper on the track until the motor starved for fuel and dropped the front end 7 feet back to the track.  The motor didn't survive the impact. 

Now the new motor is in the car with alcohol injection instead of carbs. Preleminary runs have proven so far that the new set up is faster on motor than before. The Hot Street Shootout 5-17-03 should decide if it is faster with nitrous than before. Check back for more results. 


7.29 @ 138 MPH If you have any questions or comments for Jim or the Webmaster click below.

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