Laying in bed, trying to take a nap, I heard, in my head, a sweet, gentle voice say, "Dave, we want to teach you to ignore." I asked, "Why?" She replied, "We're going to edit the past, and you get to see a magic show." I replied, "Will I have to do anything I don't want to?"
The gentleman with her answered, "Desire equals action."

Twelve years later, I am still astounded that no thoughts such as 'this is crazy' entered my mind.
For one thing a voice in the head is totally different than my mental 'vocalizations', it sounded like having headphones on, where the sound comes from inside your head, and secondly, I knew from the gentleman's answer that it was in deed Jane and Seth.

(I also realized that I knew Seth...from before my birth. I have a memory that resurfaced when I was about eight years old. My family was sitting around the dinner table, and the subject came up of my Dad making the cement brick wall in our backyard. I piped up, " I remember that!" and my Mother said that  I couldn't have remembered that as I was in her womb at the time Dad completed the wall. But I did have a memory...of looking at my family in the back yard, and assenting to be a part of that family. Beside me was Seth, showing me this. I recognized his presence, and there is no way to really communicate how that works. It was a feeling.)

I next asked, "What will I have to ignore? Jane said, "For starters, ignore the change that is going to happen to Sounder," Sounder was one of my cats.

I then asked, not about the cat, but about the experience to come, "What is going to happen?"
Jane, knowing that I hadn't meant my cat, said, much to my consternation, "You are going to become interactive with T.V."

Oh Lordy...TV was going to TALK to I wanted that! But it didn't. It did become interactive, though...but that is described later on.

What followed in the next few days, I can only describe in retrospect, as sensitizing exercises.
I began to feel an urge to stop, frozen in place. Then I would wait until I felt an urge to move. When I moved, something in my environment would make a sound exactly when I followed the urge to move. Following this period, I started taking walks through the city and kept noticing references to "waking up".


Then, my environment, not me, began to change.
What changed is that my environment started to interact with me, to teach me. Nature itself was teaching me.
How?It was all done with coincidences!
The very best example of that was when I was writing the story about the Girls' Club, a group of friends who got together each Wednesday to just have fun, relieving the stress we all had from being HIV positive.

So I'm typing and I hear a loud 'pop', and in the corner of my eye, I see the battery I had on the table move. I thought the battery had exploded.
Picking it up, I notice only the label on the casing had split.
Now, instead of reading Duracell, it reads D uracel.

The Nature of Life was teaching ME, Dave, you're a cell.
Do YOU get it? We are each just ONE cell in the body of life.

And when Nature itself takes a hand in your education, it is an AMAZING Feeling.
Kenny, and thereby the doctors were concerned because I was TOO HAPPY!
Well, DUH!!!!

When the TV show 'Ellen' started to mirror my weekly experences, though the episodes had been "in the can", I was very impressed with the possibilities, ( though later I realized it was ME doing something that would be paralleled in the upcoming memorable show had three nuns floating through a supermarket. Just that week I had been thinking of Diane, whom I will talk about later, and wishing she'd visit...I pictured her, not walking, but floating down the hallway to our door.) However I never imagined that I would see the wish that Kenny and I made at the Yerba Buena Fountain, that we would be twins in our next incarnation, shown on TV. Nor did I expect the sun to introduce itself through TV.

Because the experience was so far removed from 'normal' experience, yet composed of mostly normal experiences, lined up in a row, timed to perfection, it's hard to tell you about my experience.

But for those who have read Seth, I'm going to try!

Seth mentioned an after death experience he created for a man torn between Allah and God. In it, God and Allah started a fierce battle, which ended up with them merging and becoming the Sun.

Among other things going on during that time, Kenny and I were taking a walk along the Embarcadero. At one point, Jane whispered to me "in two steps the Personality that people expect to return will appear directly over the Transamerica Pyramid."
I took two steps and stopped Kenny. He wondered why, but I just let him wonder. I looked at the Transamerica Pyramid, and as my eyes went up the pyramid to the top, I realized that I would not be ABLE to actually look at the top, as the sun was at the tip! I felt confused, because if the person wanted ME to see them, they would have to do it without the sun as a backdrop!
Later, at home, I put on the movie, OLIVER. As we're watching, I'm trying to figure out what that pyramid thing was all about...and then it dawns on me! The SUN IS THE PERSONALITY!

I feel a congratulatory 'nod' from Jane, and I asked her, "Would a Name be appropriate"?
The SUN answered, via TV. The Actor portraying Oliver stops, stands, turns to face the camera, and with a grin to match my own, said, "Hi! I'm the Artful Dodger." Then he turns and rejoins the movie. which went on as normal.

I was amazed, but couldn't tell Kenny. I knew Kenny hadn't seen it. After I got the healing in the hospital, and I got Kenny to notice that the Crystal in the window changed, (that story is in the website, as is the sun story, though not as forthright.) I told him the whole story.
He made up a song.

"Artful Dodger, won't you come out today,
Artful Dodger, won't you come out and play,
And make us a Day for laughing and fun in the sun."

If you read the bible, you will find
That's one of the few stories in the Bible that make sense to me...the Transfiguration on the Mount...WE ARE STARS IN HUMAN FORM. Blow a Kiss to the sun. It will know you did!
And Seth did mention that we got "help from the stars."
He meant it literally. Yet most people don't believe that the sun IS conscious...or that the SUN is the Christ Personality.

There's a lot more in the original Geocities site, but you do have to read a lot. I've tried to keep this afterword/intro to the point. I ramble a lot in the site.

One item I don't think I mentioned in the site was the day I spoke to a friend using mental communications, he sounded just like Seth and Jane.
It started one day when Kenny and I went to visit our friend, Gary. We walk in and say "Hi."
Gary then looks at me and I hear his voice in my head saying, "Dave, you are the f***ing luckiest guy in the world!" I looked at him and agreed in my head, "tell me about it!"

We went on a walk and ALL Gary would say in my head to me was, " So now that you;ve experienced this, what are you going to do about it?" I had no answer.
All through that walk he kept pestering me, "What are you gong to do, NOW?"

When we got home, I left. I went to the the Safeway on Market street, went in and bought a bottled Coca-Cola, left the store, took a swig and shouted at the top of my lungs, "Thanks, Di!"
I didn't mean Princess Di, (who had recently died), but my friend Diane, a mystic I had met years ago. She "bumped into" me on this path. I am going to take a moment to tell you about Diane, because it was she, not Seth, who taught me that real magic was possible.
I had met Diane before I ran across the Seth material in a bookstore by 'accident', when I was twenty-two. I met her when I was eighteen, and in the Christian Brothers. I had joined the Christian Brothers only that year.
She had told everyone, including me, about a vision she had had...of a ship coming and taking her and her husband away. This was seemingly impossible, since they lived in St, Helena, California, miles from any port. She and her husband operated a french restaurant there, her husband being a chef, educated at the Cordon Bleu in France.
A year later, her husband recieved a letter from an official of a cruise line, stating he had gone to lunch, locking his office door. When he returned from lunch, unlocked the door, he found on his desk, her husband's resume. He swore that it had not been there before lunch, and asking people, found that no one had gone in the room while he was at lunch. He asked to interview Henri, and a few months later, they had left, and he was executive chef  for a cruise line!
Knowing Diane, it didn't surprise me one bit.
Diane 'showed up' during my second trip to the hospital...with Seth and Jane. What did we do? She had me do the breathing exercises that she had had me do when we meditated together years ago. I think that was to get the attention of the hospital staff, but I am not sure, as I didn't ask.
I DO know that they noticed it, as they mentioned it to Kenny.

Anyway...after I had shouted my thanks to her, I looked around, and only one lady had seen me. I looked at her and said, grinning, "Sometimes you just have to do what you gotta do!" She responded with a grin, and "Ain't that right!" I told Kenny what I had done when I got home, and he didn't like it one bit. Not one bit at all.

The next morning, when we went back to Gary's, He said to me in my head, "So how's it going today?"
I ignored him. Out loud, (which shocked the hell out of me, since I thought I had been speaking to his subconscious), he said, "So you're ignoring today, Hmmm?"
I said, aloud, "Absolutely, It got me into WAY too much trouble yesterday."

We never spoke to one another in our heads again, nor about that experience. Gary never brought it up; I was waiting for him to say something, as I still wasn't convinced he had really been aware of it. Gary did a LOT of really couldn't be trusted to know what he had experienced. Also, He said, I  was the "lucky one", not "we are the [expletive deleted] (Gosh, remember Watergate?) luckiest guys on earth."
He's dead now, as are most of my friends from those days.

And though I remember all of the experience, my environment is no longer in that very altered state. In other words, the experience ended, and life has gotten back to normal, but with a new understanding on my part as to what is really happening when a coincidence occurs. I am really not aware of any change in me. I'm the same old me.

But that's okay, cause if I need to (and believe me when I say knowing what I know doesn't make life easier, I just know things will work out), I can bring the feeling back up, and start grinning like I'm 'crazy'.

And as far as me having hallucinations? What most peeople don't realize is that the life they call reality, is also an hallucination. That does not mean it isn't real, or has no worth.
That's the great thing about this's the meaning YOU give it, that makes it worthwhile.

And finally, Why have I waited twelve years to say anything so direct? Because my site was at Geocities.
Does anyone who has read Seth really think people at Geocities would know what I meant by "ALL THAT IS", or who Seth and Jane are? Besides, I've taught in this life as well as a previous life, and I know that the proof that a student has learned the lesson is they can put it in their own words, using examples from their own life.

So I focused on two things initially. First, lambasting the medical profession for the way they handled things, and second and more important, Dave's Raves, where I chronicle coincidences, which are NOT accidents, but purposeful.
I also lost my username after they changed them all, and couldn't get into the account!
I thought I would never be able to add to it, but look what fortune provided!

Thanks, Webring!
And this is a good place to stop.

Seth really saved me the effort of saying more: he's said it all through Jane, already. Think of the Seth works as a puzzle. Figure it out ,and you will see changes in your daily experiences too.
Yes, even magic.

And I already know I won't be remembered on the historical level...I asked that question, just before the Father of Eliza Doolittle, In "MY FAIR LADY" turned and looked toward the camera,  and said, " haven't earned that." However, humanity does remember two of my 'previous' incarnations, and I'll be very happy with that. I 'did' more those lives, anyway.

However, I do still get magical occurences, but only on a personal level, in other words, I haven't lost the nack I first follow my impulses.
And I haven't lost my knack for being HAPPY.

Wanna change the world?


How do I feel about the past, twelve years later?

To me, I won the Millenium Bingo, not the Grand Millenium Lottery...that goes to Jane and Rob!
I just 'road on their coattails'
I experienced the way people view nature in the future, and I can still view it that way.
For the record, I did not see the future.
I asked Jane, at one point, "When is everyone going to experience life like this?"
She responded with a chuckle, "Not for eons, Dave."

So the world won't end Dec, 21, 2012. We're going to be around for eons. Personally, I think ANY doomsday feeling comes from the fact the sun WILL explode some day. Don't know what's going to happen then, I didn't ask; I let the experience tell me what it wanted to.

And yes, I'm glad things are back to 'normal' was a very hard balancing act.
I can't wait to compare notes with Jane and Seth after my death...but then I can is too beautiful to rush, and though I was told almost twenty years ago, I had only five years to live, (I have AIDS), Jane was of the last things Jane said to me was, "Take your pills, Dave, they're magical too!"

I also wish to address the fact I am happily GAY, (HOMOSEXUAL) and am disappointed that it took ME getting a healing to teach the collective conciousness, that GAY is NOT evil.THAT was truly a surprise, as I've never been proud of being gay, but never ashamed, either. Why was it for the collective consciousness? Well I have no proof for you...Kenny got the crystal changing to convince him, (that's in the site), but he did not speak up in our final meeting with the doctor, after my healing, And I don't force anybody to do anything, so in the records it just says I'm delusional. Doesn't say WHAT delusions I have, which I find very telling. You DO realize that if you believe Seth is real, you're delusional too? Congratulations!

We will eventually get the rights heterosexuals have, but I doubt major religions will ever admit they made a HUGE f-ing mistake.


Nor will I tell THEM about it...I would consider it bragging. I will , happily, hurl it in YOUR faces, though! But on Gay Peoples behalf, we have ONE thing OVER straights: We had to listen to our HEARTS to ignore drivel about us being sinners, evil, or inferior.

(Nor would I have included hallucinations!)

Have a happy's YOUR choice.
That's the most important thing I've learned this time around.

And once again, Thanks, LIFE!
December 31, 2009
Happy New Year!

While some won't see it as proof, several items have come to my attention within this past year, 2010.
First, I saw, on TV, an Author, Dr. Jill Bolt Taylor, who wrote a book entitled, "MY STROKE OF INSIGHT" .
She is a Neurologist who had a stroke, and describes her stroke as a neurologist. She says that there IS a mechanism, that allows feelings of "Oneness with it all", located in one side of the brain. Though I believe the brain translates, not originates, I would say I was stuck in that side of the brain for a good six months, before I "came down". And that was the third time in my life I had experienced that intesnse state of feeling.

The second was something I saw on "Morgan Freeman's Through the Wormhole", Season 2, episode 5, titled "Is there a sixth sense?", where he talks of a study done to see how fast people could hit a button after a random flash of light. After awhile, People were actually hitting the button JUST BEFORE the random flash occured. It wasn't what they were looking for , but they found out peope could actually  anticipate the future.

The third will be seen, if you watch Disney's "The Sorcerer's Apprentice".
The apprentice's name is DAVID, and within moments of their meeting, Cage says, "...JUST COINCIDENCE?"
I   REALLY liked that last one! However, there the similarities between that character and mine end.

It is no accident, I have " When You Wish Upon a Star, Disney's Theme Song, playing. (I've noticed firefox doesn't play it anymore, so just imagine the song playing.)

Listen to the WORDS sometime!

"When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are,
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you

If your heart is in your dreams
No request is too extreme
When you wish upon a star
As dreamers do.

Fate is kind
She brings to those who love
The sweet fullfillment of
their secret longings.

Like a bolt out of the blue
Fate steps in and sees you through

When you wish upon a star
Your dreams come true."

That's whtat I beleieve in, and we all know the power of belief, no?!
That and LOVE, of course.

Dave, July 28, 2010

"If you don't even believe in the possibility of magic, you'll never, ever find it." -RICK CASTLE, a fictionary character on mainstream TV.


And all you have to do to see magic, is view coincidence, not as an accident, but as a purposeful intersection of events with you. YOU walked 'into' the coincidence, after all...and that is where humans hide their own magic. I walked "in concert" with life, I still do.
We live in a reality where each person is presented with a reflection of their own beliefs.
WHAT could be more F***ing magical than that?

And one more note...added August 29, 2011.

"Mystical experiences" come in all shapes and sizes.
Mine was not so traditionally mystical, (IF I exclude Seth and Jane's voices in my head...Grin),as what I think of as stepping into coincidences.
From this I CAN see how previous people who have had mystical experiences think that a 'god' is directing the show

It is, in my opinion, our "SELF" giving us a tour of coincidences, to tell a story.
It is an amazing experience. Imagine if, walking down a street, you  pass ten people, each having a conversation with someone else, who each say one word of a complete sentence, as you pass, that makes sense only to you.
Well that, in a way, is what I experienced, but much more besides, which I haven't even mentioned, as I don't know for sure if my interpretations are correct, as they happened after Jane and Seth bid me goodbye. I, too have to wait til I'm dead to confirm my understanding of those events.
Seth said that the whole world is alive and conscious. Consiousness implies communication and Nature CAN communicate with You if you learn how to 'read' it. That's what I learned.
And the ONLY 'power' I seem to have is following my when Bernadette Peters came to town a few years ago. I didn't get tickets in time..they were sold out. Two days before the concert, though I had been feeling poorly, I felt better and decided to get out of the apartment. As I'm riding past Symphony Hall, I decide (Felt an impulse and FOLLOWED it), to check if any tickets have been given back. I walked up to the window and asked the guy. He said he would check for me, though he said he doubted there were any...they had two, just turned in. He mentioned how he had checked ten minutes earlier and there was nothing. I told him that was because I wasn't looking ten minutes earlier. He chuckled, as did I.

Nor am I the only one to particpate in the experiment.
My Lover's friend TerryAnn Fisher wrote a book with Troy Michaels, Titled CONVERSATIONS WITH MY SON, (Available at Amazon), in which she speaks of the day her son told her he was going to be part of an experiment, in which he spent a day as another person.
I tell you seriously, the medical profession calls these experiences Aidsmania...and then dismisses them.
I told FIVE doctors the day I left Langley Porter Psychiatric Hospital, when they asked how I was doing, "I'm fine, and I SEEM to have had a healing on my leg."


Yet in the report it only says I have delusions.


And Finally, Cayce said a 'wizard would wake up in his hometown.' I so wish he hadn't used the word wizard, as that is NOT how I see myself,  as I know my faults too well. TO ME it seemed like the world AROUND me was waking up. However, at times it seemed my "magic show" did cast me as the magician, and I DID 'wake up' in the city named after one of my incarnations, that I DO know, without a doubt.


How am I so sure? As in the items told above, after I had figured it out Seth and Jane confirmed it.

YOUR doubts I can do little about, and that's fine with me, as your doubts do not affect my beliefs. I hemmed and hawwed as to whether I should post this last bit of information. But no one else is going to tell you...I'm sure Shirley McClaine, who dropped the name of Francis of Assisi, and wondered in her book what he was doing now, will tell you. I introduced her to myself in person at a book signing and told her I was now happily homosexual, and had had my own 'mystical' experience, thank you for asking! I imagine she found it very hard to believe, but I just couldn't resist telling her she had been asking about me!

I, of all people, know how fantastical that six months, (Jane and Seth stayed with me only two of those months), was: a healing to get the doctor's off my back, a battery exploding to teach me a lesson, and a crystal in our home changes, to assure Kenny. I know how hard that is to believe for most people. I only asked ONE thiing of Jane and Seth, that I be reminded every day of how magical it all is.

I only have to look in my window and see the crystal, and perhaps that is why they 'knocked on my door': I LIKE life without it being so intense as it was during those times. I like NORMAL life. It's magical enough for me. I thouroughly enjoyed Benadette, and was in the hospital three days later, sick with PCP. I think of it as a little gift from life ( and those sweet people who turned in their tickets)!


Some day, far in the future, everyone will believe in the magic of life, and what a sweet life it will be then, as it is now, for those who see it thus.


Seth was fond of saying "There are no magical words".

There are, however, VERY magical emotions. That is where intent lives, ("WHEN YOUR HEART IS IN YOUR DREAMS",) and at the end, I assure you this is a story about what LOVE CAN DO.

HAS DONE. I am SO glad it's over and I can get back to being ordinary. You don't know HOW glad I am that I do not have to drag humanity kicking and shouting into a new age. You're going to trip and fall into it all by yourselves, cause even trips and falls are not accidental.


P.S. For those of you who have actually read all of this, and are wondering what changed in my cat, Sounder, she lost weight...a lot. A year later she was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, and being Sounder, would not tolerate any of the medical remedies, and died...

But do not grieve...she came back to us in a new Kitty body, and told the psychic lady who found her, and gave her to us, that his name was Kasimir. The moment our eyes made contact, I KNEW who it was, as he was giving me that look of love that Sounder had always given me, daring me to deny it. It took six coincidences for us to reunite. It was NO accident.

At night, when we go to bed, Kasimir comes up to me, lays down beside me, gives my chin a good licking, and then paws my neck and chest 'til I start to fall asleep. Somehow, he ALWAYS knows, just when I am drifting off to sleep, and he will get up, recieve my kiss and jump off the bed. I then turn to my honey, Kenny, and give him a kiss and wish him, "Sweet Dreams". We've done this for seventeen years now...and I look foward to many more years. (I ALWAYS dream BIG!)


May you have sweet dreams too.



P.S. A BIG Thank You! to my honey, Kenny , without which NONE of this would have been accomplished. He doesn't realize it yet, but he was as in sync with Jane and Seth as much as I was, he was just unaware of it. He had the harder journey. I had a happy thrill ride, for the most part...ignoring the doctors helped the enjoyment for sure!


I want MY epitaph to be a line from "Oz, The Great And Poweful"..."With little more than pluck and belief, we made the impossible happen."

Of course 'impossible' IS relative! Why do most humans shortchange the physical reality we live in? Believe in the maximum, not the minimum, that's my only advice.


A Truly Magical,
True Fairy Tale!
Once upon a time...

Dave's Magical Mystical Tour
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Psychic Experience.
(Miracles included free!)

"Once upon a time...later" -Sondheim

We are STILL having them:
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Take a ride on OUR Psychic Side!
It's a never ending story, isn't it?

We also have lots of fun!
"Let us entertain you!" -Sondheim
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