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Welcome to the wonderful world of gothic revival. Gothic revival is the revival of the art, literature, architecture, music, etc of anything commonly known as "gothic." Gothic Revival music is not the same as the popular music style known as gothic, it is the music common during the pre-medieval and medieval periods. Gothic architecture is actually not "gothic" as such. It had very little to do with the Germanic tribe known as the goths and more to do with art critics of future generations which labelled it so as a means of denigration. The term gothic had become a reference to something crude and barbaric, and this was a slam against the style not a historical reference. The term was applied to literature in a much different way. When one looks at the gargoyles and arches of the gothic style, especially on a foggy night, one has a certain reaction. There is an ambience to it that can send shivers up your spine. The literature commonly labelled as gothic will do the same. Below are some good jump off points for each subject. Check them all out.

Gothic Style Art

Gothic Style Architecture

Gothic Revival Music

Gothic Literature

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