Welcome to my coroplast world.
It is my intention to create a site here to help others build Simple Plastic Airplane Designs, or SPAD's. I will be posting some of the planes I have built from plans and some of my own creations.Not to say I haven't built and flown balsa planes as well. Just that this page is dedicated to my Coroplast ones.

I actually got into this hobby quite by accident, my original hobby was designing and building full size hovercraft up to five and six passenger. Having had surgery on my hands for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome that didn't work out the best, that is no longer an option. I used to race R/C cars some time ago and decided to design and build R/C hovercraft. I went to the local flying field hoping to get a deal on some used parts and the instructors were so helpful I couldn't help but get interested. Now I can't get enough, Addictive hobby isn't it?

Here are some of my planes and creations, clicking on the pic or text will take you to a page dedicated to that particular plane, if I have one, or just a full size pic.
The Super Stang as I like to call it, I guess it's my version of a Reno Racer.
Probably my best work, The Weevil. One of my first designs and most successfull. Now flying all over the world
My Catapult
The DDT,
Delta Dawg Target.
Featuring OVERKILL. Another of my designs
Thinking about calling this the Hammerhead.It will actually do somersaults.
Another of my designs
The Cerebus.
And another of my designs
Another great flyer. Flex in the tail booms killed it.
Again my design
My Corostang.
The Bloodhound, Actually a Sickle.
A coro fuselage on these ones
A coro fuselage on these ones My Demon
My spitfire on the sled for launch one day. This was a real beautiful plane. I shouldn't have sold it.
A South African Weevil by Stef
The sled I use to launch my planes on occasion. It has wheels for summer as well.
The Talon from Plastic Concept Planes. Have it flying and recomend it to anyone
Everyone is allowed an utter failure.
Ever heard of the Long EZ, here's the Coroeze.
Wing look familiar, it's off the long E-Z. It was getting too heavy with no end in sight.
I know what you're thinking, It's not coroplast. This plane a few of us newbies got together and bought everything to get it in the air. We then presented it to the guy who spent his entire summer at the field teaching us to fly. I can't wait to see it go in the spring. Special thanks to the person who painted it for us. She did a wonderful job.
I would like to thank the guys at the Spad To The Bone Website for their time and inpiration and most of all the instructors here at, The Algonquin Aeromodelers. Without them I never would have gotten into the hobby or the enjoyment I get out of it.
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