Free 25
Sign up with a casino that im promoting and i will personally send you 25 ,  payment methods, cheques/paypal/netteller/bank draft
Plus we will send you 100's of ebooks worth 130 RRP
Some of these ebooks retail at 9.99, there are people on ebay making 100 plus a week from these ebooks, all you do is copy and send via a email attachment

How can you give away 25 cash plus 100's of top ebooks?

A. How it works is we recive a comission for every person we get to sign up at the casino and make a deposit.
Therefore we will pay a percentage of that commision to you .
Also you will get a 100% bonus from the casino .
For example , if you sign up with the casino and deposit the mininum amount ( 25 ), we will send you 25 and all the ebooks.
And remeber that the money you deposit can be withdrawn at any time you wish..
Plus the casino will give you a 100% bonus of what you deposit, which is also able to be withdrawn.

The ebooks,  This site has purchased a bulk load of ebooks that came with full resale rights , which will be passed on to you .
These are not story books , but are top hard to know information ebooks.
There is everything from how not to get caught speeding to how to hypnotise people.

How long before i get my money ?

You will get your money from 6-8weeks after you sign up,  you cna choose from several payment options ,
Bank wire
This is 100% gaunrateed and we will send you a email to verify this.
Within 24hrs of signing up we will send you a location of a file download where you can download the ebooks .
Please note that this is a very large file and on a slow connection can take up to 1 hour

How do you know i have signed up and made a deposit?

When you sign up and make your first deposit you must email the time and date to us and our daily report will tell us what times people made deposits. This report is controled by the casino ,and we can not obtain any personal informaton .

What is this casino like ?

The casino that were promoting is listed at the bottom of this page and is one of the most well known and respected casinos around.
It sponsors tv channels and has won various prizes for its exelence in the field . This caisno has a payout ratio of 98% plus


All you do is sign up using the link below and send a email to
Please say time and date of your first deposit.

Thats it , you will have 25 for free and 100's of profitable ebooks

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