Welcome to Riley's Award Page!

These are Riley's pick of the best Conure related sites on the web.

Riley wanted her own award to show off:
1. Her picture
2. Her friend's pictures
3. Her favorite Conure sites on the net

Riley doesn't really like rules....but there are a few guidelines to get her award:
1. You must be a cool conure.
2. You have to have a place to put the award. (ie - either you were smart enough to make your own page or you were smart enough to talk your human parents into doing it for you!)
3. Pictures of yourself are a plus. We love seeing pretty conures!

Apply for my award!


Cool Conure Award Winners List:

The Conure Lovers E-group
The Feather Tree Awesome Green Cheek Color Mutations!
Wells Bird Ranch More Awesome Green Cheeks!
Joyce's Bird Room
Koki the Sunday & Ally the Greencheek
Jester the way cool Maroon Belly conure
Zorro the Gold-Capped Conure
Rojo & Consuelo Mitred Conure & Red Throated Conure
Quincy the Blue Crowned Conure
The Colors of the "Sunset"
Beaker the Dusky Conure
Conures.....You just gotta love 'em!
  Salty's Mitred Conure Page
And then there was Dudley
Borrowed Rainbow Aviary
Karry the Sun Conure All the way from Japan!
Emmy the Mitred Conure
Happy Birds in Paradise
The Green Cheek Conure Information Page
Cuddles the Green Cheek Conure
Pirate the Patagonian conure

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