Hi! I'm Riley the Green Cheek Conure.
I was born on April 28, 1996 in Mesa, Arizona.

Mom gets alot of e-mail from people who want to get a green cheek conure like me.
So I figured that I should tell you what life is like with a little
green cheek conure.
I'm really very quiet, but sometimes I do make a little noise
(but nothing like those loud Sun or Nanday conures!).
I like to eat alot. I love berries. Grapes,corn and ZuPreem pellets
are good too. I also like to throw my food. Its just fun and birds gotta
have fun. Sometimes mom says that I am messier than both of the amazon parrots
that I live with. But, I have a full time maid (a.k.a. "mom")
and don't have to clean up after myself.
I love bell toys. I can rip the clapper out of a bell in 30 seconds flat.
Pretty good for such a little beak (and you should see what I can do
to fingers!). I also like toys that I can throw. I'm very strong and
like to play very rough. No one can get near my toys when I am
playing with them.
Sometimes I can be a little moody and bite. Ok, I bite often.
But not all green cheek conures bite alot. I used to just bite anyone
that came near my mom, but now she doesn't let too many people get near me and so
I just bite her. Why? I don't know. Because she is there and it is something to do?
So what does mom do when I bite? She makes me play on top of my cage.
I guess its her way of punishing me and making me learn not to bite.
You shouldn't ever hit your bird. If you need help with a biting bird, please ask someone for suggestions.
Ok, so I'm kind of a little brat. But I can be very sweet & cute too.
And, I am just one green cheek. Please don't think that all green
cheeks are spoiled like me. But thanks for looking into information
on green cheeks before you purchase one. Buying a bird like me is a long
term commitment (30 years!). You shouldn't go into something like that without knowing
what you could be in store for. Too many parrots are bounced from home to home because
people can't handle the noise, mess, biting, etc. anymore & don't know what to do with them.
Its sad. I live with a few birds that have been in many homes, but now they have a happy safe home like me.
And even though I can be a little devil sometimes, mom wouldn't trade me for the world.
If you have questions about green cheeks, please feel free to e-mail my mom.
You should also check out the Green Cheek Conure Homepage too!

So, now on to the important things.....pictures of ME!

Eating a Nutriberry
August 1998

Riley taking a bath in the sink......
and after the bath soaking wet!

Hanging from the cage door Sitting on my play gym

This is my friend Deacon

Green Cheeks on the Net

Smudge Hector Little Cuddles Petrie

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