Deacon's drawing by Gloria Heim. Please do not use
without permission of the artist & owner. Thanks!

Think you are a "Cool Cockatiel"? You could win my award!

Rules to win:
You must be a Cool Cockatiel!
You must have your picture on your homepage
You must provide a link back to my page when you get your award

How do I get Deacon's Award?

These are the winners since 1-3-98:

Heavenly Feathers
The Cockatiel Page
Tammy's Tiels
Tiel Tales
I Love Tiels!
Phoenix and Philia Tiel
Henry & Dude
Mimi the Lutino Cockatiel
Carl's Cockatiels
AprilFawn's Cockatiel Mutations
Cockatiel Kingdom
Texas Parrots
National Capital Bird Club
Kiki & Solo Two cool 'tiels from Japan!
The National Cockatiel Society
Springville Aviary
Patryk and Neurosees' Page
The Cockatiel's Nestbox
Peter & Waita's Birdie House
Sailor Bink
The North American Cockatiel Society
Mohawk and Spice
Romana's HomePerch
Elsie's Cockatiel Mutations


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