Cassidy eating corn, broccoli, carrots & apples

Cassidy at 3 months old ~ April 1998

Cassidy is a Brown-throated conure. She was born on Jauary 18, 1998 in Yuma, Arizona.
I brought Cassidy home when she was 7 weeks old. She was born with a foot problem which made it hard for her to perch. Her breeder had splinted her foot for 4 weeks to try and correct the problem, but she did not have any improvement. I was told one of her toes might have to be amputated.
I took her to my avian vet and we tried splinting her foot again. After 11 days her foot was almost perfect! (see photo below) She can now climb around her cage and perches without any problems. (Not that she ever knew she had a problem to begin with!)
She loves toys, especially ones with leather that she can untie.
Cassidy is a wonderful bird and I would recommend brown throated conures to anyone who wants a quiet, good natured conure.

Cassidy with her splint on (7 weeks old) and after splint (9 weeks old)

Cassidy ~ August 1998 (7 months old)
Eating a Nutriberry

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