Poetic Clo
Formatia trans sicere educatorum

There are pictures in poems and poems in pictures(Shih chung yu 'hua,'hua chung yu shih)

My name is clodagh Barker and I'm 19.I've just moved to Dundee,Scotland from Ireland with my fiance.I'll be starting a degree in psychology this september.I've been composing poems since I was about sixteen.Hope ya like them!!!

My prison cell
The hidden key
A marble/A soul
The precious book
A true clown
Blinded by love
The lost game
My ruined fixture
The hidden stone
The devil/the angel
My changed heart
Keep my heart protected
The lifesaver
Like father like son
My eyes are lit now
The perfect predator
The colours I felt
The rescue
That white flower

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Poetry does not die(La poezia non muore)
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