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Celebrity Standups.

Lost Startrek Aliens

The Luke Skywalker Brigade

Dizzy's Stargate Page...(with a little help from Claire :) )

Slayer Magic!


Vader Maker-Australia

Daniel Jackson Pics

Top 2K

The sci fi rafters!...General sillyness here.

Celebrity Standups.

007- The Borg Is Not Enough!

The Ultimate Farscape BBoard

My mate Dan's incredibly ingenious and amusing 16 bit comic :).

LOTR offical site and if your lucky enough it'll greet you with Viggo Mortensen's come to bed voice...mmmmmmmm.

The Hilarious LOTR secret diaries, Claire's Favorite site :) v.v.v funny stuff this.

The Force Whispers Great humour and Pics.

Utherworld crossovers galore here!