The Wonderful World of Claire and Lu.

Lu on your left :) Claire on the right :)


There are many weird and wonderful things that happen to you when you become a sci fi geek.
You get to travel the earth, hang out at the domain of the pigeons, drink blue stuff, be up to your knees in sludge, sit on large cannons and collect an almost insane amount of useless tat.

Yes. its *the* life
One we intend to share with our fellow humans or whatever.

Here's Claire drunk with Daniel Jackson, luckily they switched to web cam after this and made millions from the proceeds(how else do you think this site is funded???)um, shuffles around and realises a law suit might be coming, because of the errrrr interesting debate over which Enterprise commander was the most irritating

Unfortunately when Ewan took an intoxicated Lu home with him Qui Gon was not very impressed with her Lucy Lu costume (It was Charlie's Angels theme night at Brannigans) and a drunken lightsabre brawl ensued.

We did have more pics taken with the pair put they were deemed *unsuitable* for a PG site! so they're at:
And if you just tried to click on that then you need more help than we do

Be impressed or be bored by the life of these idiots :) !!!!!

Claire and Lu's Lightsaber Quest Part 1 Lightsaber Quest Part 2

Here are a few of our "Lists", enjoy, feel free to disagree thats what the guestbook's for.

Top 10 Scifi Characters That Need To Be Shot, you know the ones that came on screen and we shook our fists at the writers and cried "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!!!"

Top 20 Yummiest Blokes In The Scifi Universe self explanatory.

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