Claire and Lu presents dadada!:

Just when you thought it was safe to go back on the net Claire & Lu hit your screens with more fanfic,piccies and general scifi silliness than has even been featured on Spaceballs. And to make it worse we've actually updated and organised it, and everything works!!!

NOOOOOO thats imppppooosssssiiiibbbblllleee

I hear you cry in true luke skywalker fashion but we're warped like that BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!
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We mean it...we didn't do all this so you lot could flit by unnoticed!

This site might give you some idea of what goes on in our fragile little minds so be careful and don't say we didn't warn you

eat snacky smores

OH MY God they updated Kenny, you B******Ds

SW: A New Rabbit, the adventures of Little Bunny Foo Foo in The Star Wars Universe Brand Spanking new Fanfiction. V funny, honest.
Are You An Evil Sci Fi Genius Quiz!!!!!
Take The Sci Fi Geeks Test!
The Cantina - exploring the strange relationship between scifi and food such witty stuff as BORGer King, well we thought it was funny
Starwars!!!! (UPDATED!!!) the real reason why Obi Wan grew his facial hair)
The Wonderful and weird world of Claire and Lu - contains our opinions, wacky lives and a few top 10s as well!
General Randomness - where we put all the stuff that crosses more than one sci fi show and our useless tat
Site Map - The new all singing all dancing version! kinda
*NEW!!!!* Lord of the Rings!- Perve on our favourite Elf here!

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We're not not making *any* money outta this site. if we we're we'd be in Maui. Not the UK.

We made it so we could share our love of sci fi with other nutters out there. all the stuff we snurched off other sites still belongs to them and not us ( but if Claire could just have Legolas she'd be a happy little bunny..*looks all pleady like*)

Our awards would go here if we had any, but we don't so give us some!!!!!!
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