The Village of Kassau ---- Welcome to Gor as it was intended to be

Tal and welcome to Kassau.

Surrounded by a great wooden wall made of sharpened logs, guards walk the catwalk in defense. The biggest of only two gates sits facing the inlet leading in from the Thassa, allowing watercraft, both large and small, entrance to the port. The smaller gate leads out to the vast forest behind the village.

Once Kassau was the seat of the High Initiate of the North until Ivar Forkbeard's memorable raid left the temple looted and burnt. The land, located at the northern brink of the forest, was again in control of the North. Rebirth of the village came under the leadership of Jarl Taltos, it soon becoming a sought out trade port for Torvaldsland, with the main exports being lumber, fish, and furs.

Kassau is a Kill/Capture/Forced Collaring zone.

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