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"Chihuahuas are like dog biscuits,
you just can't have one!"

As I was sitting here, in front of the computer, I began thinking of how my love of dogs started. Some of my fondest memories of growing up was the times I spent with the farm animals on our landlord's property, especially the numerous dogs. After playing with two of the neighbor's Chihuahuas almost every day for about a year,
I received the one male Chihuahua for my birthday.
That was only the beginning. Several years later, this Chihuahua, named Bo, became the father of five puppies. We loved his look-a-like daughter, whom we named "Boquet", so much that we decided to have two dogs.
But, the story doesn't end there...

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Here are links to all of our pages.

Cute, Cuddly Cowboy Bo
Visit our male Chihuahua's page, which includes the story of how Bo came into our life, pictures of this adorable dog, and much more.
Our Chihuahua Puppy Experience
Tells the story of the 2002 litter of puppies. This cute, fun story is delightful to the reader and has pictures of the five, lively puppies.
Bo & Boquet's Antics
Lots of stories of the life and adventures of Bo and Boquet, our father and daughter pair of Chihuahuas. The stories include times they've joined us on hikes or bike rides.
Dressing up your Chihuahua
Learn how to get your dog to were outfits, hats, and to ride in a stroller on this informative page. It's quite easy and lots of fun!
World of Dogs
Check out my World of Dogs Essay, in which I wrote on the characteristics and abilities of all dogs.
The Journey of Finding the Best Food for My Dogs
Find out what Bo & Boquet eat currently, what they've eaten in the past, and why. "The Back to Nature Way of Living" - Food Aspect


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Boquet's Life Adventures and Events
These stories of the life adventures of our little girl starts when she was just a few weeks old and we decided to keep her. It continues through her puppyhood to her adult life and the present, with pictures along the way.
Fort Chi Adventures
A cute story of five chihuahua puppies playing in and around a cardboard box.
The Miracle of Boquet
Boquet suddenly became paralyzed from a ruptured disc. Read what happens with the help of medicine and lots of prayers!
Updates on Boquet's Canine Disc Disease
Boquet's life after her first ruptured disc and her other herniated discs. Oct. 4th, 2005 to most recent update.
Chihuahua Socialization & Training
A collection of training ideas for Chihuahuas and other dogs, including socialization as puppies, help with fear aggression & more.
More Stories
Non-dog related stories, such as the the trails behind our house and a beautiful hike we took, and the reasons why I made this website.
Chihuahua Lover's Links
Here are links to other Chihuahua websites, Bo & Boquet's Petstar & Dogster pages, and more!


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