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  with the Expressive, Passionate Voices of Women  (& Tiggers !)
"Science is sometimes defined as a way of seeing things. Women still far too often constitute a blind spot  in the vision of the scientific community."
--Veronica Stolte-Heiskanen in Women in Science - Token Women or Gender Equality (1991).
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1.  Love n' Us
2.  Advocacy Issues
3.  Movies We Like
8.   Links
A lil' about us. Pictures, quotes, an' things near and dear to our hearts... besides our boobs!
Stay abreast of the issues that affect us all! Check in, get the scoop, an' speak out!
Talk about women of the Silver Screen and our resident film scholars and reviewers. Leave a comment on a film, link to director's sites, or jus' check out the Rainbow's "Don't see this without your gf!" ratings!
4. Articulate Music
The 'Rainbow's' arts divas, take ya' on a tour of what's hot in women's music, and give ya'll a chance ta' shout out your own fav's, an maybe even let ya know what's in their CD players at the moment!
Here are some of our favorite sites for information, resources, an' humor. Wanna learn why 'Pro-Choice' is a contradiction of terms for a Libra or the best way to seduce your Virgo? Check out our astrolgy links an' and find happiness in the stars!
Gap, prep, formal, or fun... dress for the part! From corsets ta shoes, show your style and get in on what the best dressed women are showin' off for plumage this year! And by the way... Ya' can leave yer hat on!
7.  Health
Women's specific healthcare has become an issue for the new millenium. Have a question about healthcare, safe sexual practices, or the latest fad in diets or exercise? Knowledge is power and here are some helpful tips, resources, and information that can help.
5.  Art,Theater, & Literature
So ya think ya know the Arts? Get exposed to photography and find out what's new in rhe galleries. Come visit a spot where 'drama' has only positive conotations, learn what's hot in live performances, and read some origigal works.
6.  Fashion
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9.  Awards
Come visit our trophy room and see some of the additional awards we have gotten. Stay tuned and check back to the site for our own Rainbow Awards! We are currently accepting  nominations for these special prizes. If you have a site you think is deserving...  please sign our guestbook and mention the site or send an e-mail to M or an e-mail to J with the site name, site URL, e-mail address of the site, and why you think this page is deserving of an award.
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"A loaf of bread, the Walrus said,
is what we chiefly need:
Pepper and vinegar besides
are very good indeed--
Now if you're ready, Oysters, dear,
We can begin to feed!"
--Lewis Carrol (1832 - 1898)
Alice Through the Looking-Glass
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