dem cheeky cheeky cheeky monkeys dem wicked tribe!!
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Origin of the species...
Back when we was still Neanderthal the collective would sit in the cave, poke Matt with pointed sticks and laugh. But now we have got sophistikated, now we use cattle prods.

The collective exists simply to take the piss, we cruelly and pointlessly mock he who be Matt but the true paradox is that without him we simply would not exist... we would have no raison.
As this is so we now reach out to the electronic masses to help us in our quest to berate him ; we look to YOU to some add fuel to our sarcarsick fire.

Use the guestbook to belittle him, to abuse him, to laugh at him for no good reason whatsoever...
point and laugh
see the pictures
question why?
see the pointless bouncearound
abuse abuse ABUSE
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