The Religion of the People and the Land

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The Path of Shadow

My Networking Lists - if you don't see your area, and I can't find one for you, I'll create one for you.

Basic Concepts of the Craft

Nephthys - An interesting article on the Egyptian Goddess

Matthew 22 - My standard answer to Fundamentalist Chrristians

Are you a Pagan Redneck?

My Patron Ritual

The beginnings of a story

A World without Witches

Groups I associate with:

The Aquarian Tabernacle Church - I have been the WebCrafter since early 2000.

The Pagan Web of Pensacola - the best networking success I've had yet!

Other Links:

The Witches Voice

Covenant of the Goddess

Church of All Worlds

Covenant of Universalist Unitarian Pagans

Our Lady of the Earth and Sky

Articles of Interest:

Gender and Nature in Contemporary Neopaganism

The Witches Tower


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