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Outstanding Main Title Theme Music Monk - Music by Jeff Beal

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy
Monk - Tony Shalhoub as Adrian Monk

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Welcome to the Monk Theme Song Debate website!

Monk starring Tony Shalhoub, started its second season on June 20, 2003. There was rejoicing and much dancing in the street when season two began. That brings us to the point of this website.

For Season One, Jeff Beal scored the opening and closing credits with the song "Main Title Theme from Monk." This instrumental was jaunty, peppy, and quite the delight.

Now for Season Two, there is a brand new theme for the opening credits. It is a song written and recorded by Randy Newman entitled "It's A Jungle Out There." It is a very catchy song in its own right.

However, my personal opinion is that it doesn't fit in with the flow of the series. Not to mention the fact that Adrian Monk himself wouldn't be too keen on the change… So here is where you loyal Monk fans and fanatics come into the picture.

I have created this website for the sole purpose of letting the people's voice be heard. Above you will find links to both theme songs so that you may listen to them before I ask you to cast a vote for your favorite.

You may only vote ONCE from your IP address so there will be no chance to stuff the virtual ballot box. Should you the voting public decide that the theme song from Season One was your favorite I will present these facts to the fine folks at the USA Network at the end of Season Two.

Should you decide that the new Season Two theme song is your favorite then I will not pester the good folks at the USA Network and life will continue on for the union of Monk and Randy Newman.

After viewing episode one of Season Two and I heard the Randy Newman opening theme I was dismayed at the change. I did feel better when the closing credits rolled and there was the familiar Jeff Beal theme. However, after viewing episode two I found that the Randy Newman theme now plays at both the beginning and the end. Whereas I believe it would be equitable and just for Jeff Beal and Randy Newman to share the credit theme duties, I see that it is not to be. So cast your vote and be assured this is a much easier decision than electing your local councilman or our country's leader.

Want to contact me or have a question or suggestion?
E-mail me:

(By emailing your question or suggestion you grant me permission to post it on this website, possibly share it with USA Network and edit it as necessary.)

Thank you for your time and support!

LOOK!-Print support for the 1st season Monk Theme Song

I came across these two articles showing support for the 1st season Monk theme song.

The first is written by Michael Speier in Daily Variety (June 15, 2003):
(You can sign up for a trial subscription to read the entire article.)

"Of all things, the second season's only notable change is that the catchy instrumental theme song has been replaced by a less impressive ditty from singer-songwriter Randy Newman. Not a huge deal, but ask any of the fans who have become devout " Monk " followers -- there are many -- and they'll all say it's the classy opening which hooked them last season. (It now plays over end credits only.)"

The second is written by David Bianculli in the New York Daily News (June 17, 2003):

"What it doesn't need, by the way, is a new theme song. But it gets one this season, courtesy of a bouncy new tune by Randy Newman. I'm as big a Newman fan as you can get - but the show's original jazz-guitar theme, still heard as the closing credits roll, was perfect for the tone of "Monk."

Sometimes, change isn't an improvement. It's just a change."

Enter the Theme Song Debate!
Which theme song do you prefer for Monk?

Season 1’s theme:
"Main Title Theme from Monk"
by Jeff Beal

Season 2’s theme:
"It's A Jungle Out There."
by Randy Newman

View Results

This is a fan site created by Carp, a fan. It is intended for fans and is not meant to imply any endorsement
by the USA Network, or the "Monk" television show.

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