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Leanna dob 03/25/70 Vancouver,bc
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Welcome Everyone,
  Wow we are already into November it only seems like yesterday that I started the site and registry, But it has already been six months and a great six months. I am still searching for my birth family , But I am Happy to report that  20 plus families,have been reunitied.
  The response has been great , I have met some very wonderful people , and plan to continue working at helping everyone find who they are looking for. As we all know there are no garauntees ,but I am adding new postings as they come in .
  Over the next couple of weeks I will be updating the entire site and registry .
Good luck to everyone in their search.
                                    Lots of love,
Currently there are 72 Active searches underway on site and in the registry.
The Number of reunions is
22 Congradulations everyone !!
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