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Welcome to the Adair and Holland families home page!

All of the genealogy data here has been collected for personal, non-commercial use. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to all of the kind people I have met and/or corresponded with while compiling this information.  My goal is to pass that kindness on wherever I can.  These pages are a labor of love, in tribute to my ancestors, and for the preservation of this history for future generations. Thank you for visiting!

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My interest in family research and genealogy started with a manuscript that my mother gave me, a Holland and Adair Families genealogy, written by Mrs. Esther Holland Pitts, Clinton, SC 1967. I am eternally grateful to Mrs. Pitts for the fine foundation she laid for future researchers. All of my research beginnings go back to her booklet.

Ester Holland Pitts
1906 - 2006
age 100
died Thursday, December 14, 2006
News of Mrs. Pitts' passing left me feeling both sad and grateful.  Sad, in that I never had the opportunity to meet this great lady in her prime; and grateful, so grateful that she touched a stranger like me, and made me a part of her extended family.  Without her work and inspiration, none of my research would have been possible.  Click to read her obituary.
Mrs. Pitts led a full and productive life, and will be remembered fondly.

Several of the visitors to this site have asked me for a few notes on my personal background and interests, so here goes:  My name is Lisa.  I grew up in the Chicago suburb of Lyons, moving to Connecticut (where I still live) in 1976. I am Mom to two great teenagers.

I work for intelisent, a provider of USPS Intelligent Mail Services. My full-time work status does not allow me to spend nearly as much time on genealogy as I would like. 

Some of my other interests and hobbies, aside from genealogy, include:

NFL Football, especially the Chicago Bears!  Go Bears!

Music!  Unfortunately, I have no musical talent whatsoever, I'm just a good listener.  My musical tastes include many different styles and genres, including rock n' roll, oldies, classical, ska, and punk.  I share a common interest in punk and ska with my children, and enjoy going to concerts with them.  We are lucky to live in an area where live music events are frequent, varied, and easily accessible.  I am proud to be an avid supporter of our local music scene.

I have a MySpace Page.  Participation at MySpace was inspired by my kids, and also by a singer/songwriter/artist whom I admire greatly.  I was able to contact him via his MySpace page, and have had the great pleasure to correspond with him since.  Although MySpace gets a lot of bad press, I have found access to explore music, literature, and art offerings that I never would have had the opportunity to be exposed to otherwise. 

I also have a Facebook page, and a LinkedIn page.

Thank you for stopping by my website, I hope you find it interesting!

Things I have planned for future work (aka my "I only wish I had more time" list):

  • To keep adding valuable links--with an emphasis on comprehensive, freely accessible resources

  • Transcribe documents, wills, manuscripts, recollections and history references

  • Post and link to old photographs, obituaries, and grave rubbings

  • Scan and post documents, pictures and maps from my research

  • Learning and sharing!

Please bookmark this page and stop back often, it is always evolving. Consider this note as my permission to link to this page from other non-commercial genealogy pages. If we freely exchange data and sources, our collective human history will live on, and our people will be remembered by future generations.
I hope to talk to you soon, take care & best wishes!


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