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Decendants of
Josias DuPre' and Mynota

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I am. I want to help you if I can.
My Name is Jim Dupree

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          I am a decendant of one of the earliest Dupre's that arrived in  America. 3 Dupre Brothers (Lewis, Thomas, and Jean(John)) Immigrated to America as Huguenots in the early 1700's due to religious persecution in France. I have a lot of information on these lines and know of many other researchers that have  information on these lines. In an effort to bring all of this Dupre research together I have created this website. I have in my research found that a lot of nformation has already been found by other researchers. It didn't take long for me to realize many of these people were from the same lines. I thought to myself if these people only knew each other they could combine their information and create the Dupre genealogical tree and history in a way we could not do alone. If you want to be a part of this please e-mail me at


The Dupre' Brothers became Citizens in 1705.

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Naturalization of Dupree Brothers


The Tree
Josias and Mynetta
Had 3 Huguenot Sons
Click on one of the 3 sons below for the family tree for each son

Louis ..............Jean...........Thomas


Who are The

Researchers Online

    This site lists all online Dupree researchers that have given permission to be listed on my website or have websites online already for genealogy.
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Dupree List

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The Dupre' Trail online
   The most prominant informative book on Dupree Research is a Book Called the Dupre' Trail. This book is now online (a larg
e portion more to come) Click below to see the Dupre' Trail.

This is a very large book and has a lengthy load time, but it is worth the wait.    

    The Dupre' Trail Online

Several Huguenot societies have already stated that decendants from this Dupre line are eligable for membership into their body. The story of the Huguenots is told on these 2 sites.

        Huguenot Society of Texas   






        Another Dupree Coat of Arms                   


          Home of Lewis and Hanna Dupree            

Duprees In the Revolutionary War             

Dupree's in The Civil War                         

Dupree's in War of 1812        

Dupree's in Medicine                                

        Cemeteries where Dupree's are buried       

          Dupreez in South Africa                            

      The following is a list of Web sites where some great Dupree Genealogical information may be found.

         Web-Link                                                                                       Author


        Other sites with important Dupre information

  1. (Aaron Michael DUPREE - Jonathan Timothy-Al..

  2. Charlotte Co., VA Miscellaneous Deeds

  3. Brunswick County, Virginia, Deed Book 3

  4. King Williams Parish Register

  5. Brunswick County, Virginia, Deed Book 4 (1750...

  6. Deed Book 7 - Brunswick County, Virginia

  7. Fed, 14th TN Cav, Co.C

  8. James Harris DUPREE/Clara Elizabeth WIGGINS

  9. Ike DUPREE

  10. Maison Du Pre' Bed & Breakfast Inn -

  11. DuPre House Bed & Breakfast Inn, Georgetown,

  12. Bob Dupree's Home Page

  13. Aug17a-97

  14. Jersey

  15. Libertel Rimouski: SGEQ - Généalogie de Guy

  16. Helm's Genealogy Toolbox

  17. d.txt at



  20. My Genealogy database - Index of Surnames

  21. Liszt Search: genealogy

  22. Dupree

  23. Contacts on the net

  24. Dupree at

         If you know of any other Dupree web sites that you do not see listed please let me know I will add them here.

Please e-mail me if you are interested. There is no charge. I am just another researcher



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