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The Retriever - A brief HISTORY
Golden Retrievers were "developed" in Britain during the 1800's. Believed to be included in the formation of the Golden Retriever breed are the now extinct Tweed Water Spaniel, the Newfoundland, the Irish Setter and a variety of water spaniels. Lord Tweedmouth takes credit for the development of the Golden Retriever. On his estate, near Invesness, Scotland, Lord Tweedmouth wished to develop a dog which was loyal and kind, yet spirited and energetic, with a love for the water and an ability to retrieve. His early vision of a Golden Retriever was for a dog that would have great enthusiasm for retrieving waterfowl.
Golden Retrievers today are certainly known for their beauty. They are a dog with a kindly expression, pretty dark eyes, and a wagging tail. Golden Retrievers are also known for their temperament. A well bred Golden Retriever is gentle, kind, loving, loyal, happy, confident and outgoing. Golden Retriever excel at obedience as well. Golden Retrievers strive to please their owners and, once taught what the owner desires, the Golden Retriever will astound you with their willingness to please.
BNR Retrievers
Snelson's Haley Houdini Sasha (aka Sasha) and Snelson's Haley Princess Zina (aka Zina). They are both of extremely good lineage as you can see from the attached pedigree
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