COUSIN CHART .. sometimes its hard to work out who is who in relationship to yourself, so here is a chart to help
Key to using the chart .

1. to determine the relationship of the brothers (or sisters) of direct ancestors, follow the horizontal line from the direct ancestor.
example ....
a.)  the brother of your 6 gg father is your 66 gg uncle. Your relationship to him is shown in the parentheses immediately below the uncle relationship - in this case 6 gg nephew.
b) the sister of your 6 gg father is your 6 gg aunt.

2. to determine your relationship to the childrne of the brothers (& sisters) of your direct ancestors, follow the vertical line down from the uncle/aunt relationship.
example ....
a) the son of your 4 gg uncle is your 1c5r
b) the grandson of your gg uncle is your 2c1r

6GGfather                                   brothers                                                                        6 GG uncle
(6 gg son)                                                                                                                         (6 gg neph)

5 GG father                                brothers                                                   5 GG uncle                 1c7r
(55 gg son)                                                                                                 (5 gg neph)

4 GG father                            brothers                                         4 GG unc      1c6r                   2c6r
(4 gg son)                                                                                   (4 gg neph)

3 GG father                  brothers                                      3 GG unc       1c5r      2c5r                   3c5r
(3 gg son)                                                                      (3 gg neph)

2 GG father                  brothers                         2 GG unc      1c4r       2c4r       3c4r                   4c4r
(2 gg son)                                                         (2 gg neph)

GG father                 brothers                    GG unc     1c3r      2c3r       3c3r        4c3r                   5c3r
(gg son)                                                   (g neph)

G father                    brothers         G uncle     1c2r     2c2r      3c2r       4c2r        5c2r                   6c2r
(g son)                                           (g neph)

Father      brothers              uncle        1c1r      2c1r     3c1r      4c1r       5c1r        6c1r                   7c1r
(son)                                (neph)

SELF     .....  BRO                1 cou      2 cou    3 cou    4 cou    5 cou      6 cou       7 cou                 8 cou

SON             nephew             1c1r       2c1r     3c1r      4c1r     5c1r        6c1r        7c1r                   8c1r
(father)         (uncle)

G SON         G neph               1c2r       2c2r     3c2r      4c2r     5c2r       6c2r         7c2r                   8c2r
(g father)      (g uncl)

GG son         GG neph            1c3r       2c3r      3c3r     4c3r     5c3r       6c3r         7c3r                   8c3r

Abbreviations -- ----

g father - grandfather
gg father - great grandfather
unc - uncle
bro - brother
c - cousin
neph - nephew
r - generations removed
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