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Since 1979 I've been researching ancestral background on names within our family unit.  What started as a hobby became a near obsession!
My husbands people come from
Brosna in Co Kerry, Ireland, so most of my research centred around the names in the area of Kerry/Limerick/Cork where the 3 counties meet.
I collected what I thought was unrelated data on various families in the area so began tracing everyone with our surname worldwide and from that was able to connect many to the same dynasty in the earlier time span. 
This page includes an index of pages I have  made myself, with relevant research information collected and the next page contains great links supplied by other researchers.
BROSNA history/details & pictures by Margaret
typed lists over 7 pages  1700 TO 1998
TITHE VALUATION - Killeedy Parish, Co Limerick
See how you relate to COUSINS how you fit in with 1st, 2nd cousins etc
In 1991, 1999, 2001, 2003,  2005, 2007, and 2009 I travelled to Ireland to transcribe old records, visit cemeteries, talk to locals in various counties where our family name was more common - Cork, Kerry, Limerick, Clare, and border areas into Galway, Tipperary, and Waterford. In time all these places will be well covered with "dynasties".  I am constantly buying Irish documents for research.
Families are like trees, the branches may grow in different directions, but the roots are the same.

In July 1999 I travelled to Boston, Mass, USA to speak at the first Curtin Clan Gathering, and was titled the Clan Genealogist.  If people want help with Curtin ancestry, they can make contact via email.

In April, 2001 I travelled to Lisdoonvarna, Co Clare, Ireland to attend and speak at the 2nd Curtin Clan Gathering.

In August 2003 the 3rd Gathering was held in Skaneateles, New York State, USA.

4th Gathering was  22 to 24 April, 2005 in Mallow, Co. Cork, Ireland.

5th Gathering was in September,  2007 in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.

6th Gathering was  23 - 26th April, 2009 in Templeglantine, Co. Limerick, Ireland

7th Gathering will be in 2011 in Chicago, Illinois, USA
My Co Clare work goes back to 1650 era, and about 1720/50 for Kerry/Cork/Limerick.  As a mother of 5, and grandmother of 3, its interesting putting all the new generations to the old.
Over  the years I have added to my files and now cover Curtin and Guiney dynasties in Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, South Africa.
We have a wonderful 
Curtin Clan Web page which serves our Clan and anyone with our surname - have a look and spend the day "surfing" - lots of links for general Irish and Genealogy work.
LINKS for beginning GENEALOGY, and also good Irish sites
CURTIN CLAN Association detail/picture
  click here
Things IRISH - pictures/sayings/blarney
David William Fitzgerald Curtin, born Twogneeves, Brosna, Co Kerry in May 1847.  Died Maryborough, Victoria, Australia in February 1927.
Old home at Twogneeves, where David born
Photo taken 1998
Graves in cemetery in Maryborough, Victoria, Australia for David Curtin, wife and young children, (flatter stone), and the tall white stone is that of John Curtin, and wife. (see right)
Both John and David born in Brosna Parish, Co Kerry
BROSNA Cemetery - grave of William Curtin and family from Twogneeves townland, Brosna Parish, Co. Kerry
The original home at Ahane where John Curtin of Ahane  was born.  (roof is not original). This photo taken in 1990's.
Dan Daly, David Curtin (1909/1997), John Curtin (1894/1984
and David's young son John Curtin   July 1955
David & John were sons of Denis Curtin & Johanna Daly
Timothy Denis Curtin 1867-1949 son of Denis Wm Curtin & Ellen Fitzgerald
at Rock Races Oct 1948
Fitzgeralds B & B in Miltown Malbay
at the old  Curtin  butcher shop ... click photo  ..............>
Miltown Malbay, Co Clare -- Butcher shop owned by Dan Curtin, on a line traced back to prior 1830
Copy of old Postcard from prior 1930's of village of Rockchapel, in Co Cork, just over border from Co Kerry.  (part of  "Curtin country")
Some originating detail on Curtin lineages in various parts of Ireland -- click here         (will be added to as time permits begun 16 October 2001)
Surnames  from Brosna Co Kerry (will be added to as time permits begun Dec 24th, 2001
My Dad 10 June 1917 to 18 July 2000  RIP
Memorial  for my son,Timothy William Curtain
15 Feb.1973  died accident 20 Dec 2000
Appropriate Poems for the Genealogist
Further research links for Brosna and Co Kerry - click here or the NEXT button
NY State, USA  BIRTHS Curtin name 1881 - 1893
NY State
DEATHS Curtin name 1881 - 1939
NY State
MARRIAGES Curtin name 1881 - 1906
DNA testing for Curtins to determine which early origins some of us have. Click here
A book on the Curtin families originating in Ahane, Brosna Parish, Co Kerry and their spread into Rockchapel, Co Cork, and Mt Collins, Co Limerick, and the emigration of many to USA and Australia  has been written.    The book is very large - A.4 size, 456 pages, over 200 photos, and weighs about 1.5 kgs or 3.3 lbs approximately.  So postage to anywhere is pricey!
It is available from Margaret on
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