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BIRDWATCHING DAY 1.-CUSCO TO SAN PEDRO: 6:00 am leaving in a private bus stopping in interesting places like Ninamarcas Chullpas these are pre-Inca cemetery. The trip will be around 9 hours approximately, the highest pass on this road is 4000 msl. On this day we travel over the Andes and over the famous cloud forest which has interesting flora and fauna like de Andean Cock of the Rock Peru’s national bird. In the afternoon we arrive to San Pedro. We will spend the night in a lodge  in double rooms Optional night walk.


BIRDWATCHING DAY 2 .- SAN PEDRO TO SOGA DE ORO LODGE: 5:00 am we go to the lick to observe the display of the male Andean cock of the Rocks. After the show we come back for breakfast and explore slowly looking for woolly monkey, brown capuchin, quetzals, toucans which inhabit the cloud forest. Later we continue our trip by bus to Atalaya. From Atalaya we will make rafting . in balsa rafts which are made from balsa wood. We spend the night in the rustic Soga de Oro Lodge with private bathroom and hot shower. Optional night walk.


BIRDWATCHING DAY 3.- SOGA DE ORO LODGE PARROT AND MACAW CLAY LICK : We leave very early to see the parrot lick which is located ten minutes down river from the lodge. The activity begins around 5:50 am with the blue headed and yellow crowned parrots. Also the blue headed and the chestnut fronted macaws. The Parrots eat the clay which has minerals that helps the stomach digestion that is the reason why hundreds of parrots parakeets and macaws come to this particular place. After breakfast we explore the trails of the lodge, we look for black spider monkey, Woolly monkey, saddle backed Tamarin, also with a very good explanation about the medicinal plants and trees which are used for lumber. After lunch we visit Machuwasi lake here we go paddling on a raft very quietly, the lake is small but it has many Hoatzins (prehistoric birds). We spend the night in the rustic Soga de Oro Lodge with private bathroom and hot shower. Optional night walk. Or we can search for caimans with the flash light.


BIRDWATCHING DAY 4.- SOGA DE ORO LODGE TO CUSCO : On this day we have the last option for the macaw clay lick in case we did not have luck on the last day. After we continue our trip to Cusco . The trip will be 10 hours aprox. First by boat and later by bus. We leave you in your hostels.



·         Professional English speaking Guide with telescope

·         Private bus and boat transportation

·         Entrance fee to the Cock of the Rock lick

·         Professional cook

·         All food and Snacks (vegetarian on request) drinking water

·         Lodge accommodation and camping equipment

·         First Aid Kit, antidote for snake bite

·         Luggage max 10 kilos



·         Binocular

·         Alcoholic drinks and sodas



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