The greatest invention of our time:
The one and only:
What's that you say, you've got the urge, to putt? Well just visit the official site below:
   5 years ago if you had told me i could hit the cup while i hit the bowl, i would have called you either a madman or a visionary dreamer. Well dream no longer, it is a reality folks. The Potty Putter is here!
      Now for only 19.95 you can enjoy going to the can twice as much! And the good folks at Potty Putter will even give you this great door hanger so when someone knocks on the door and you say, "i and swinging my stick!" There will be no confusion!
      That's right, TV, Telophone, Running water, Internet, and now the Potty Putter. I don't think mankind can invent anything else. How can we top this?
       Hey, not every gift can say they were the 4th biggest gift for Fathers day this year! So visit the official site and get one of these little gems, and remember, don't get pissed at your game, piss while you play the game!
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