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Cards for trade:
Baseball cards and memorabilia for trade: Baseball
updated 12.19.05
Basketball memorabilia for trade: Basketball
Dallas Cowboy football cards for trade: Cowboys
updated 12.24.05
Emmitt Smith football cards for trade: Emmitts
updated 01.11.06!
Other Football cards for trade: Football
updated 01.22.06!
Golf cards for trade: Golf
Hockey cards and memorabilia for trade: Hockey
Non-Sports cards for trade: Non-Sports
updated 12.29.05
Racing cards for trade: Racing

Emmitt Smith football cards wanted: Emmitts Wanted
updated 12.31.05

My main wants are Dallas Cowboy football cards.  I am an avid Cowboy fan, especially of Emmitt Smith.

Secondarily, I will also trade for any of the following: X-Files, Lord of the Rings, & Star Wars.  I'm not picky, I'll take any of the listed or any unopened packs containing any of the listed.

I try to trade even for even, both in count, value, and type.

Special items in my collection:
Autographs: Autographs
updated 12.30.05!
Individually numbered cards: Numbered updated 12.29.05!

Check out my ebay auctions.  I have been liquidating a lot of my collection that was for trade, and I try to have at least something always up for sell.  Click here for My auctions!

Selling information:

1.     Every thing's for sell.  Depending on how attached I am to something, the price will vary, but just send me an offer on something you are interested in and we'll work something out.

2.     I do accept credit cards through paypal, cashier's checks, and money orders.

3.     I almost always ship within two business days of receiving payment, generally within 1 day.

Drop me an e-mail if you see anything you like.  Thanks.

Email: bankson3@yahoo.com

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