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Yamanyá Backpackers is the love child of Willy, Gabriel and Cam. Willy and Gab are Lima boys, who escaped the big city rush to the tranquility of Cusco several years ago. Willy is also one of the owners of the hottest bars in town, Bullfrogs, so he knows how to throw a party. Cam arrived in Cusco just in time for Christmas 2009 – the final stop on a five month trip – met Willy and Gab in Bullfrogs one fateful evening, and here she remains.



Willy and Gab were planning the hostel for a couple of years before Cam turned up and jumped on the bandwagon. After seeing dozens, hundreds of houses (too expensive, too far out of town, too small, too old, too completely-falling-apart or just not quite right) we stumbled on the house in San Andres.


Standing about in the second patio, not quite sure if it was going to be a goer, Willy happened to mention that our ultimate, great dream was to put in a stone swimming pool. The current tenant, showing us around, shrugged his shoulders and nonchalantly added, “Oh yeah, we got one of those. Out in the third patio. Maybe they’ll rent that too.”

We didn’t really know what to say.

We knew the name had to have something to do with water - the swimming pool, the water feature in the first patio - but we couldn’t quite get it right.



Until an Argentinean friend suggested Yamanyá. An African goddess of the sea, she was brought to the Americas with the slaves and mixed into a number of Afro-American religions, especially in Brazil and Cuba.

The goddess of fertility, mother of us all, she brought beauty into the world. And she also, apparently, enjoys a drink. Our kind of deity.


Cusco's newest and best hostel is now open, offering you a uniquely designed, comfortable space to relax, make new friends, and enjoy the best Cusco and its surrounds have to offer.


We still offer you all those little luxuries you want in a hostel - free breakfast, wifi and airport/bus-stop pickup, TV room with high-definition LCD, huge guest kitchen, comfortable beds and hot, hot water.


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