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The Revolutionary, Absolutely Unsensored Book Which Dares At Last To Unmask The Truth About Female Behavior!
Dating: 12 Types of Women to Avoid
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Copyright 1999
Dating: What Are Women Really Attracted To?
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Don't Let Any Woman Test You
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Dealing With Your Woman's Manipulation
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Stop Letting Women Walk All Over You
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Stop Footing the Bill on Dates
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by Matthew Fitzgerald
Chapter Excerpts


Chapter One:
Manipulating Women, Manipulated  Man. A Women's Scam/ Dishonest Whores/ Sexual Power/ TrueLove/ Marriage/ Mating Behavior/ Sexual Slavery/ Man On The Street  (Quotes From Interviewerd Men)

Chapter Two:
Isn't It Romantic. Paradise Lost/ Romance Defined/ The Price Of Love/ The Logic Of Love/ A True Genteman/ Liar, Liar/ Here Comes The Bride/ Why Chicks Dig Jerks/ Man On The Street (Quotes From Interviewd Men)

Chapter Three:
I Am Woman Here Me Whore (The Failure Of Feminism) Sexist Society/ Radical Man, /History Lesson/ Statistics Do Lie/ X-Rated/ "F" Is For Faliure/ Man On The Street (Quotes From Interviewed Men)

Chapter Four:
Whore-Ror Stories (True Tales Of Encounters With Women)

Chapter Five:
What Women Can Do

Chapter Six: What Men Can Do

Chapter Seven:
A Few Words

Sexual Power
Here Comes The Bride
Why Chicks Dig  Jerks
The Failure Of Feminism
Whore-Ror Stories
The Wizard
What Men Can Do
A Few Words
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The great question...
which I have not been able
to answer despite my thirty
years of research into the
feminine soul, is
"What does a woman want?"
- Sigmund Frued
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