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Welcome to my site.
I need to thank my Beautifully Fabulous Bella Donna, for without her this site would never have made it here. She has been my inspiration and drive throughout the entire creation of the site.
Thank you, Beautiful.

Please feel free to look around.
Sign the guest book if you like.
Any feedback is welcome, good or bad. As are suggestions.
Remember this is only my second attempt at a site and I am still learning.
So, you will not find anything amazing here.
If there are any problems please report them to me, and I will do all I can to correct them. All poetry, pics, and graphics are copyrighted to me or the appropriate owner, please do not use any of these without permission.
Enjoy your visit.

March 11, 2003: 
Today Added the Art & Vampire pages. 

March 8, 2003: 
Today ReVamped the whole site. 

Tina the Troubled Teen
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