The Tenor Sax is probably the second most popular saxophone next to the Alto Sax. I own two of these:

The first is a Super Action 80 II Selmer, I have played many Mark VI's and though they are fine horns, I find the mechanical modifications to the newer Selmers, are an advantage to my playing. I have yet to try the III series.

The Straight Tenor, by LA Sax, is a unique horn. It is big, and beautiful to the eye and ear (quote from LA Sax). I enjoy playing it, although at times the size is a bit unwieldy. Sitting with the horn, means putting it across and down to my right, and being careful not to bang the bell on the floor!

The sound of the straight horn is much more edgy, but pleasant, and is a joy to play for both classical and jazz situations.

The mouthpiece I use on both horns, is a Van Doren T97, with a BARI soft plastic reed.

I will update these pages with a sound file and pics soon!

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