The Sopranino Saxophone, is a small saxophone in Eb one octave above the Alto Saxophone. It has a penetrating, bucolic sound, and can (with practice) be made to play in tune!

There are two varieties of sopranino--the straight model, which looks like a small straight Bb Soprano saxophone, and the curved model (a bit rare), which looks like a toy saxophone.

Both saxes are very playable, and the key structure of both feel like the distance on a Bb Soprano Saxophone.

My mouthpiece is a Vandoren E or F, with Vandoren 2 1/2 Sopranino Reeds.

The two I own are:

Mason (blue and silver) -- straight model
Orsi -- curved model

Both have key ranges from Low Bb to High Eb.

I will put a pic and a sound file here shortly!

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