{alias Dr. Allreeds!!}


These are my favorite families of instruments to play, and the more oddball, the better! Weird, Wicked, Wacky, and Wild is Wonderful!!

Jazz and Rock Improvisation, Arranging and Composition, and K-12 through College and beyond, Music Teaching and Performance!!

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Hi! and welcome to my page!!!

Educationally, I have a BA in music from SUNY Oswego, an MA from SUNY Potsdam in Music History and Literature, (as well as a K-12 New York State Teacher's License in Music), an MA in Jazz Performance and Composition/Arranging from CUNY Queens, and a DMA (doctorate) in Jazz Performance and Composition/Arranging from the CUNY Graduate Center in NYC. Please see the link to my RESUME, further down the page!

I was a college professor at a small jazz-commercial music college on Long Island, in New York, for 11 years, since 1992 (Five Towns College, Dix Hills).

(Prior to that, I taught public/private/parochial schools K-12, and at Suffolk Community College, all in various music departments since 1978.) At Five Towns College, I coordinated (read that: conducted, arranged and composed for) ensembles (especially the stage band) and organized the private woodwind instruction at the college.

The Stage Band had the honor of performing on the main stage of Carnegie Hall, in NYC, and also in NYC at the Hotel Roosevelt for the International Brass Conference (with Mike Vax{trumpet}, and Mike Fahn{trombone} as soloists with our jazz band.) (Both events were back in 1994.)

This experience was wonderful for the students.

In 1999, I had been promoted to director of Long Distance Learning, and Online Courses, where I designed and taught online multimedia courses in The Swing Era, History of Rock and Roll, Medieval, Baroque, Renaissance, Classical and Modern Music. We used BlackBoard, E-Learning, and Jenzabar online software(see the link to my resume later down the page)...

BUT, I have moved to upstate New York, the Finger Lakes region, as of 5/2003, and am looking for work in a public/private school, or at a college, as well as new playing engagements with any type of ensemble.

Professionally, I play all the woodwinds, piano, banjo, guitar and bass guitar. With a 19-piece band as my usual group to perform with, I play upwards of 15 woodwind instruments(on the Tenor Sax 2 chair)!! I also have written approximately 275 charts for this group in the past 18 years, to feature our 'extended' reed section. The other woodwind players, also enjoy the chance to do THEIR 'doubling'!!! Our brass players are also into the 'family' of horns 'act'. Trumpets doubled flugelhorns, and the 'bones' doubled either euphoniums {euphonia?) (baritone horns), or tuba.

That group was the Hal Hoffman Band/Orchestra and it lasted for almost 20 years, from 1978-1997 playing sometimes as many as 4 times a week!!

Unfortunately, the leader (Hal Hoffman) had passed away as of December 1997, *SAD*, and the band has not continued...

A picture of the band is at the following link:


Another view of the HAL HOFFMAN ORCHESTRA, I am in the front row, far right, on bass sax, and many doubles!!!

As of May 2003, I moved to Geneva ,NY (in between Rochester and Syracuse,NY in the "Fingerlakes" region), and am living with a wonderful, loving woman, Joan, and her son, Jeremie. Joan has a married daughter and two grandaughters that live in Connecticut, whom we get to see on rare occasions. My own daughter, Judith, lives with my ex-wife on Long Island, but I get to see her from time to time, on vacations, holidays, etc. Everything is calm and copasetic, so far!!

NOT NEW NEWS!! I have purchased a SOPRILLO saxophone (in Bb) an octave above the Soprano sax!! Squeak machine time!! I am going to practice it and compose and arrange for it with one of the big bands I work with...I still need to put some sound files up...that is my next project for fall 2008!! Check back for new info , pics, etc.



To hear the soprillo, sopranino and soprano saxes in a trio, click on the play button of the following link: (upper left, TRIANGLE button: to play, and towards the center, SQUARE button: to stop, use your browser's BACK button to return to this page)

Play TRIO!!

To hear a FANTASTIC saxophone ensemble using the WHOLE family! Click on the following link!! (The leader, on soprillo, is Nigel Wood, with the National Saxophone Ensemble of Britain!!)

Use your browser's BACK button to return to this page.

Sax Ensemble!

Here's a video of some rare saxophones in concert. They are being played by Rob Verdi, who has CD's and videos available.

Rob Verdi and Saxophobia!

Here's a youtube video of me with the GFLJO playing at the EastView Mall in Victor NY, playing tenor saxophone on Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas! Enjoy!!

Christmas tune at Mall

Since my relocation, I have performed with the Great Finger Lakes Jazz Orchestra, Southern Tier Jazz All Stars, and For Dancers Only (Big Bands), Agonal Rhythm (a rock band of medical doctors from the local hospital), as well as pit orchestras in the Smith Opera House in Geneva,NY.

I have also done numerous local high school musicals on multiple woodwinds.Recently, I performed as a pit orchestra member at SUNY Geneseo, playing the show "The Three Penny Opera". I also have performed at Christmas time on oboes, and the recorder family with the choir at Monroe Community College doing Renaissance/Medieval music.

I also play solo and with a duo/trio using backup tracks I have created using Band in a Box software, at small coffeehouses and other venues.

I have taught in three local music stores, giving lessons on woodwinds, piano, banjo, guitar and bass on a one to one basis for half hour lessons.

I am also currently an adjunct music professor at Hobart/Willam Smith college, teaching saxophone and jazz improvisation to a number of students each semester. I am also fortunate to be teaching the two young daughters of the President of the college, as students.

I am still looking for full time teaching work...but I am hopeful...!



See my bio-page from Hobart/William Smith College!!

HWS BioPage!!

See ME! Playing curved sopranino saxophone (Orsi)!

Picture this!

or this!!




My own personal instruments include:

  • Bb Soprillo saxophone ( by Benedikt Eppelsheim--Germany)
    Two Eb Sopranino saxes (straight and curved),
  • Three Bb Soprano saxes (straight, curved , and saxello shape{semi-curved,tipped bell and neck}),
  • Eb STRAIGHT Alto sax (Keilwirth),
  • Bb Tenor Sax,
  • Bb STRAIGHT Tenor Sax (LA Sax)
  • Bb Bass Sax,
  • Bb Clarinet (other clarinets on link page),
  • C AND Db Piccolo,
  • G Treble Flute,
  • Eb Soprano Flute,
  • C Concert Flute (w/ low B),
  • Bb Tenor Flute (w/ low Bb!! Yes, Bb!! has FOUR keys on foot joint!)
  • G Alto Flute,and
  • C Bass Flute (w/ low B!!).

    A lot to carry!! At home I have more of the clarinet family, some other oddball saxes, as well as double reeds. (A total of 90 horns !!!!)

    I am interested in new techniques for the woodwinds: multiphonics, extended altissimo, quarter and micro-tones,etc. I would be interested in hearing from anyone sharing these interests. I am currently producing an educational video of these 'oddball' woodwinds--if you are interested in purchasing a copy--e-mail me. (Address at bottom of page.) I am also writing a book on advanced techniques for saxophone altissimo, quarter and micro-tones, lip-trills, etc. Check out the


    Here's a picture of those GREAT Saxes!!


    Sopranino, Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone, and Bass, and some pictures of SAXELLOS!







    Information, pictures, and sounds of the Bass Sax!!!!


    The CONTRABASS SAX in EEb, pictures, info and sounds!!


    Dr. Jay Easton's Contrabass Sax!!

    The sound of the CONTRABASS SAX (a video)! Click on the link to get the video, then use the BACK button on your browser, to come back here.


    A NEW version of contrabass sax! Similar in shape to a contrabass clarinet....!

    Some MORE pictures of that rare sax-- called the Eppelsheim Tubax.

    The EEb Tubax!! Pictures, info and sounds!!

    The BBb Tubax!! See pictures on this page, info and sounds, also see Jay Easton playing it below!!

    The usage of the TUBAX and SOPRILLO with a big band....Soloist is Randy Emerick!! (Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., USA)

    Tubax AND Soprillo with Big Band!!

    Click on the link to go to the video. Use your browser's BACK button, to come back here!

    Eb contrabass saxophone. Range Bb0-F#III. Sound DbI-A0. New high register key to BIII, sound C#I. 1 octave below baritone saxophone. Baritone or bass saxophone mouthpiece. 3 automatic octave keys. Reasonable overall height (114cm = 45in) by a completely new body design. Narrow bore for less air consumption. Same fingering as any modern saxophone.

    A SOPRANISSIMO!! sax (also called the SOPRILLO sax) -- an octave ABOVE the SOPRANO!! And a half octave ABOVE the SOPRANINO!! -- Konus Corp/Benedikt Eppelsheim.

    The CONN-O-SAX, a mezzo soprano sax in F (straight model). There is a curved version as well.
    The following pictures are of an alto with LOW A!!(1963), a comparison between an alto(Eb) and a MezzoSoprano sax (curved), and a larger picture of a curved mezzo soprano sax.

    The Selmer PADLESS Alto!!!

    The SLIDE saxophone!!!

    'Snub' Mosely and his Slide Saxophone!!

    The CONN-O-SAX (mezzo soprano sax in F, straight model)

    The Conn-O-Sax was introduced by Conn in the fall of 1928 as "something new". This instrument is a cross between a sax and the old heckelphone, or baritone oboe. Built in the key of F, the Conn-O-Sax had a natural key range from low A up to high G! Unfortunately, the instrument never really caught on and many unsold instruments were either destroyed in the factory or used for as vechicles for teaching repair to novice employees!

    There IS a G(!) mezzo soprano sax (straight model) that I discovered as a you tube video...sounds a lot like the F mezzo, but is pitched in G. Check out the video!!



    Double reeds! Oboes {from the French "hautbois" or "hautboix"}, English Horns(which are neither 'English', nor a 'Horn', Bassoons, and their ilk.... Ahhhh yes....Ill winds, that NOBODY blows GOOD! Or, if you like, 'REED' them....and WEEP!!!(...ok...ok...I know...BAD PUNS!! *sorry*)

    FYI - the reason for the English Horn name, is , it's a mis-translation of Cor Angl� {bent or angled horn), became Cor Anglais {English Horn}, and that's how it got its name!!!

    English Horn playing a Gershwin tune!!!

    English Horn BALLAD!!

    Here is a picture of a Heckelphone, a double reed BARITONE oboe, that is similar in shape to the Conn-O-Sax.

    Here are some pictures of a BASS oboe, similar to the Heckelphone, but NOT the same!

    The SOUND of a bass oboe!!! Click on the following link!!Use your browser's BACK button to return to this page!


    The PICCOLO HECKELPHONE!!! Very rare, made in F, and also in Eb!!!

    The piccolo oboe, or terz oboe, or musette (can be in D, Eb, or F)

    The oboe dacaccia, simliar to an English Horn, but curved!!

    The Oboe D'amour (in A), the English Horn (Cor Anglais)(in F), and the Contrabass Oboe (in C)!!!!

    Japanese Jazz Oboe Video!!!

    Jazz OBOE video!!

    The BASSOON-- or as I like to call it, the "burping bedpost"!!!

    Who says you can't play jazz bassoon?? Check out the video on you tube below!! Also look for the jazz/funk contrabassoon video!!

    Jazz Bassoon!!

    Jazz Contrabassoon!!

    There is a SECOND contra video also on this page--look for it too!!

    The TENOROON -- a piccolo bassoon!! Can be either a fourth or fifth HIGHER than the standard bassoon!!! Good for beginners!! Has same fingering as bassoon!!!

    The 'OON Family!! Sopranoon (octave bassoon), Tenoroon (Fifth or Fourth higher than standard bassoon), Bassoon ('belching bedpost'), Contrabassoon (don't ask!!)!!!

    Jay C. Easton , master of multiple woodwinds has some rare pipes of his own! Here are a few pictures of the 'straight' baritone sax!

    Thanks to Dr.Jay C. Easton for the following saxophone pictures. Please visit his site: Dr. Jay Easton's Website
    The instrument that Jay is playing is a BBb Tubax (an octave BELOW the Bb Bass Sax),
    the one on the right is a CONTRAFORTE (a redesigned ContraBassoon--see a link for it below).

    The CONTRAFORTE (a new contrabassoon) info, sounds, pictures!!!

    Here is the BBb Tubax in concert! An octave below the Bass Sax, and 4 octaves BELOW the Soprillo Sax!!!


    Large flutes: Bass, Contrabass, and Octobass!!

    Albisiphone - a vertical bass flute!!!


    Picture of the Columbis Flute Choir (sound clips and link is below)

    Columbia Flute Choir-- sound clips of many members of the flute family...

    Columbia Flute Clips

    Unusual flute HEADJOINTS!! The 'swan neck' and the 'vertical' headjoint, making playing the C Flute easier, and more comfortable to play!!


    The G Treble Flute (alto piccolo?), then the Bb Tenor Flute, and the A Tenor Flute (the flutes d'amour!)!!!

    The G Treble Flute

    The Bb Tenor Flute

    The A Tenor Flute (looks almost the same as the Bb Tenor Flute)

    The Contra Flutes- contra-alto, contra-bass, subcontra-bass!!

    The sounds of the largest flutes!! Large plumbing pipes!!!

    Click on the link to hear the sounds of these beauties! Use your broswer's back button to come back here!

    Large flutes!

    The ROTHOPHONE - similar to a SARRUSOPHONE, a double reeded SAXOPHONE!!

    The CONTRABASSOON!!! (some with a LOW 'A' or even a LOW 'Ab'!!), (the lowest note on the piano(or half step BELOW)!!!)

    A funkin' (please read that word CAREFULLY! it's NOT what you think I wrote!!) contrabassoon!!! CONTRA-jazz!!! (Youtube video!)

    Contrabassoon JAZZ!!




    More information on the clarinet family and its relatives!!!"

    Information, pictures and sounds of the Contrabass Clarinet in BBb!!!

    A video of the Epplesheim Contrabass Clarinet!!!

    Click on the link and use your browser's BACK button to come back here.

    CB. CLAR.

    The more unusual clarinet family members:

    The basset horn (not a 'horn' at all, curved clarinet in F, similar in shape to an Eb alto clarinet)

    The basset clarinet (a straight clarinet, long and extended, and pitched in the key of A, was the original clarinet for Mozart's Clarinet Concerto K622)


    Hear a recorder CONSORT!! (ensemble)


    Click on the play button of the "Consort!" link: (upper left, TRIANGLE button: to play, and towards the center, SQUARE button: to stop, use your browser's BACK button to return to this page)

    The smallest recorder, in C, the 'garklein'!!

    The largest recorders, the contrabass, and the subcontrabass recorders!!

    Listen to a video of a subcontrabass recorder!! Humongous toy!!

    Click on the link to go to the video, and use your BACK button on your browser to come back here!!


    Native American Flutes!!

    Other 'older' instruments, Rackett (bassoon in a coffee can!), Shawm, Cornett, Schalmei, Dulcian, etc.


    A Plethora of Tubaxes!! (Tubaxxi??)

    The Bb Flute, with 4 keys on the foot joint (down to written low Bb!)

    The Bb Tenor Flute, another view.

    The C Bass Flute

    The Eb Soprano Flute

    The G Alto Flute

    The piccolo!! (available in C and Db)

    The Adolph Sax Family

    The "Aulochrome" , two Bb soprano saxes fused and played simultaneously!

    You tube video of the aulochrome!!

    Aulochrome Video

    The new contralto sax by Jim Schmidt, a new fingering system, and 'the better way' to play the saxophone.

    To read all about the new saxophone and its fingering system, click on the following link.

    Schmidt Saxes!

    A whole massive collection of saxes!!

    The website can be found at:

    SAXOPHOBIA.NET (click on this link)

    Contrabass Flute

    The Ab piccolo clarinet

    The high 'G' and 'Ab' clarinets, albert system keywork

    Comparing the alto sax, curved soprano, and curved sopranino sax

    Contrabass Clarinet, extended range

    A "curved" soprano clarinet

    The Rothophone (Sarrusophone?), a double reeded saxophone?

    A Sarrusophone SECTION!!! (1942? according to Dr. Jay Easton)

    The Contrabass Sarrusophone in EEb!!

    The sound of the CONTRABASS SARRUSOPHONE!!

    Click on the link, then use your browswer's BACK button to come back here.


    The soprano SARRUSOPHONE , and the TARAGOTO (Hungarian clarinet)

    Size of the soprano saxes

    The 'NORMAL' C Melody Sax -- curved model!!!

    A Straight(!) C Melody(Tenor) Sax!!

    A subcontrabass flute

    The contrabassoon, in a coffin case!!


    The contrabass clarinet

    The curved Eb sopranino sax

    Gallery of titans!! Big saxes!!

    Music for FOUR titans! Click on the link to see the video!! Use your browser's BACK button to return to my page!!


    Grafton PLASTIC Alto sax!!

    Museum of Musical Instruments -- North Dakota!!

    Curved 'nino, straight 'nino, C Soprano, Bb Soprano SAXES!!

    Bamboo saxes!! Bamboo isn't just for reeds anymore!!!

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