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Whether you're in love with Unicorns or not, I'm happy you're here:)  To most people I know, Unicorns are really only myths & legends.  To those who know & love Unicorns, basic beliefs about Unicorns are universal.  But I believe even though we share common beliefs, we all have our own perspective of these beautiful creatures. I won't go into the myths & lores about Unicorns (well, maybe a little;) ), just  what & why they mean so much to me:)
If you're here & aren't really too familiar with Unicorns except for what you may have seen in a cartoon or as a baby's toy, I hope that when  you leave here, you'll see Unicorns in a different way, and maybe understand a little better why those of us who love the Unicorn do....:)
Unicorns are definitely more than myths, legends, or even collectables to me...they are purity, noblity & beauty. To me they are the essence of all that is good. They are Wisdom.  In the Bible, in the book of Philipians (Phil 4:6-8), God says how we aren't to be overcome with worry or anxiety, but rather to think on these things.....whatever is pure, beautiful, noble, righteous & so on, think on these things.  Now I'm not saying God is referring to a Unicorn in this particular passage, but isn't it nice how it could apply to one...:)
Unicorns are strength & courage, protecting & defending those weaker than themselves for the cause of Justice.  Unicorns are peaceable creatures & will avoid conflict whenever possible, but if backed into a corner will fight back with a relentless passion.  And although evil will rear it's ugly head against the Unicorn from time to time, it will never prevail because what makes the Unicorn so much what it is, is the beauty from within...Truth.
Now there's the issue of the Black Unicorn.  This is my favorite Unicorn of all. I've heard & read many things about this special creature, that it's good, bad, neutral, more magical than any other kind of Unicorn. One thing certain, it is the rarest of all Unicorns.  But one of the most common conceptions of the Black Unicorn is that it's evil, but really it's simply that it's black, a color.  Here's a reason, a most intrigueing reason of why, to me as I've read it, it's black.  Unicorns themselves are innocence in pure form, but they're not infallible.  Unicorns themselves cannot be destroyed, but their innocence can be.  And when a Unicorn's  innocence has been destroyed, the Unicorn "dies" & when it arises from its "death", it is then black.  Being innocent can sometimes be "ignorance", for lack of a better word...not "understading" pain, suffering or deceit. The "black" is like a scar left behind when it now understands these things from its own experience. The Unicorn is still good, but  now it "has its eyes more widely open."
DISCLAIMER-First of all, I'd like to thank all those who's work I used building my webpage, it was all too beautiful to pass up, & I wish I could've added more!!  If only I had that kind of talent!  I claim no copyright to any images used on ANY of my webpage.  All copyrights belong to the respective artists.  I tried to make sure I gave credit where credit is due, but if I failed to give credit, just let me know & I'll be sure to take care of doing so:)  Everything here is for personal use only, I make no profits from this site.

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