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charity to the people of uganda
First community fund is a community based organization not for profit making organization registered with the district registrar, Ministry of local governments (gender and community services) under the NGO registration Act of 1989 Reg .No. lub.472 that focuses on multi-dimensional community concerns comprised of education, health, poverty alleviation and community development in Uganda

FICOF was established by the current councilor l.c 111 at the district (political position)in 2006 by a group of highly committed and dedicated community Ugandan volunteers arising out of the crises that has been caused by HIV/AIDS epidermic and poverty in Ugandan communities especially in our community of kabowa. The Organization is a member of the National CBO Forum, Uganda National AIDS Comission), Germany international cooperation(DSW Uganda),forum for women in democracy(FOWODE), Malaria and Child illness Secretariat ( MACIS) and Women of Uganda NGO Network (WOUGNET) and Action Line For Development


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