Now comes the fun part, the equipment. I now have pictures, so that you can see what each item looks like.
Weapon____ Special Abilities_ Shots Pictures
Team Force None 6
V2 Blaster Max Blast, Rapid Fire, Silent Mode 25
Radar Extreme Max Blast, Rapid Fire, Silent Mode 25
Ultra Wide Max Blast, Rapid Fire, Silent Mode, Ultra Wide Mode (up to 50' wide) 25
Firestorm Max Blase, Laser Scope, Recoil Action, shoots up to 1000' 25
Ex-D Super Laser Blaster Rapid Fire, Shoots up to 200' 25
Armor Special Abilities Pictures
Team Force Absorbs Max Blast
V2 Vest Blast Shield, absorbs Laser Trap
Radar Extreme Blast Shield, Radar Mode (with Radar Gun only)
Back Sensor Works with Team Force and Radar Extreme front Vest
Item Name Special Abilities Pictures
Laser Trap Shoots 360 and 25' away. Set for 5 second or 30 second mode.
Walkie Talkies Communicate with ally from 900' away. Set for Red and Blue teams
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