Sword Tales
by Jim Guy
This page is also dedicated to the Men and Women who served in Vietnam, especially to those who did not come home. And to those who paid the ultimate price on 9/11/01
This page archieves fan fiction stories about The Queen of Swords, Highlander and Enterprise, written by myself and other authors as well as other stories. No Slash stories will be archieved here.
The Queen of Swords Stories
Highlander Stories
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Created 9/3/2001 last modified 7/18/08
This is the Queen's own sword. Thanks Maril. Now click on the picture for Quill & Sword
Manzana Core
Jo's Obsessions
Queen of Swords Virtuall Season. Click on the sword.
Click on any picture below
Escape from Reality by Susan
Methos and Amanda stories by Jo and Susan
Home page of the 2001World Series Champion Arizona Diamondbacks
Tessie Santiago fansite by Margie
Virtual Season Episodes
Zorro Stories (Click on pic)
Shirley's site
Raquel's site from Madrid
Michelle's site from Paris
Virtual Seasons
My Virtual Season Stories
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     Morale: Old age and cunning will triumph over           youth and enthusiasim every time.
7/18/08 New story in Young Blades called Blind Man's Bluff
Enterprise Stories/ Porthos Page
Wendy's  QOS Site
Reflections of the Queen of Swords
Battlestar Galactica
Young Blades
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