1998 Z28
Stock Options:
Red Exterior
Grey Leather Interior
Chrome 5-Star Rims
Monsoon 500watt Stereo System(CD)
Stock Specifications:
346cid(5.7L) "LS1" Small Block Chevy
4L60-E 4-Speed Automatic Transmission
3.23 Rear Axle Ratio
It starts off as just a little hobby.  Then it becomes a way of life.  Always trying to gain every last bit of power out of the car.  Tweak and tune every last ounce out of your combination.  Why do we do it?  For the pure love and enjoyment of the sport.  For bragging rights.  And for the friends you make along the way.  All of us set goals.  Everyone wants something different.  There are so many paths you can take with these cars.  There are so many "games" you can play.  Bolt-Ons Only, Head/Cam, N/A, Forced Induction, and then the Nitrous.  No trophies for first place.  Just bragging rights and admiration of a few.  For a while, I played the nitrous game.  Just ran an aftermarket torque converter, air lid, exhaust, and a 100 shot.  On Mickey Thompson E.T. Streets, I ran a 11.54@116mph with a 1.58 60ft.  I went to a full on bolt-on effort and ran a 11.74 @ 114mph with minimal mods.  There was a lot more in it, but unfortunately the stock motor blew.  Another one is going in after a summer of decision making and another bolt on effort is coming for 2004.  First 10 Second Bolt On Car?  Is it possible???  Let's find out...
Weight Reduction - Probably one of the biggest things needed to get to my goal.  Get rid of any unnecessary weight.  I don't want to take it to the level that my car looks like a theft recovery vehicle though.  There will be parts like the rear seat that are obvious, but that is not a big deal.  That is why I bought the Speed Inc. lightweight carpet.  It will still look semi-factory inside.
Weight Reduction:
Corbeau Race Seats
Speed Inc. Lightweight Carpet
Rear Seats
Rear Seatbelts
Rear Cargo Flap
Rear Speakers In Hatch Area
EGR/AIR System
A/C Compressor
A/C Condensor
Front Sway Bar
Front Sway Bar Bracket
Windshield Washer Fluid Resevoir
Horn Removed
Front Bumper Support
Rear Bumper Support
Heat Shields
Current Mods:


    E.T/MPH          60ft.         WEIGHT          MODS
12.79 @ 104mph     1.71            3600              
Lid, K&N, Exhaust, Vig3200, SFC's, MAF-T, HPP3

12.65 @ 106mph     1.72            3600               Locking up the converter in 3rd

12.32 @ 109mph     1.71            3400               Hooker Headers/Y-Pipe, Whisper Ram Air, Unlocked Converter

12.31 @ 110mph     1.68            3400               Same as above w/ MAF-T

11.74 @ 113mph     1.56            3250               TP4400, True Duals With Flowmaster 1-Chambers,
                                                                                          Removed the MAF-Translator and Whisper Ram Air Kit
January 20th, 2004
Car got sold.  Figure I might as well start fresh with something different.  Got kinda tired of looking at the car and paying for it while it just sat there.  A new page will be up for the new toy sometime in the future though.  This summer should be fun.

October 24th, 2003
After a full year without the car, it's definitely been a downer.  I really miss racing.  Been saving and trying to figure out what to do with the car.  So many new and exciting products coming out in the near future, it's too hard to decide.  For now, a stock motor is going back in and another bolt on effort is on the way.  10 Second Bolt Ons Only is the goal!  More weight reduction is on the way.  Spring 2004 better look out.

October 16th, 2002
Decided to take a little trip to the track to see if I could get a better time.  Weather was a little colder.  Couldn't get traction to save my life.  Worst part about it, blew the motor.  Coming out of the water box, something let go.  Haven't had a chance to look into it yet, but it's gonna be a long winter.  Car could have gone faster, I know this for a fact.  Just won't have a chance to.  We will see what 2003 brings. 
Click Here for pics of carnage.

October 13th, 2002
Well, finally had the chance to run with the new setup.  I didn't do the bullet off the y-pipe, but instead ran true duals with Flowmaster 1-Chamber mufflers.  Tuck up nicely.  Although, i still need to solve some knock retard i'm getting.  I think I ran it to it's limit today.  So I am gonna do some routine maintenance on it.  Spark plugs changed with new TR55's, oil changed, rear end fluid changed, fuel filter changed, and some new spark plug wires.  Just to see if it helps the engine be more efficient.  Gonna take some more weight out of the car.  Not much free stuff to do anymore.  Now it gets to the point of paying for some lightweight parts.  We'll see how I run on the 19th of this month.

September 29th, 2002
Haven't changed all that much.  Bought a new set of rims and tires for the car.  Got the weight down more with the removal of the front bumper support, rear bumper support, horn, and some other odds and ends.  I removed the Hooker catback as well.  That shed a lot of weight.  I am gonna end up just running a bullet muffler off the y-pipe or run true duals.  I am also changing converters.  I bought a Yank Thruster Pro 4400.  That should help a lot with the 1/4 mile times.  That's getting thrown in.  Got little stuff to do before Oct. 13th race date as well as the Oct. 19th racedate for the MFBA shootout.  We'll see how it goes.

August 30th, 2002
The weather has been hot this summer.  So no new bests as of late.  I haven't been to the track in a while either.  I'm saving for some new rims/tires since the old slicks were worn out, and the rims were the wrong backspacing.  So soon as the new stuff comes in, we will see how it runs in the cooler fall/winter air.  I am also going to be putting the car on a larger diet.  Going to be removing the little stuff that isn't needed in the car now that I have a daily driver.  Both front and rear bumper supports will be removed.  I also will be getting some race seats for the car to get rid of the heavy leather ones.  This will be a track only mod.  Too uncomfortable to be street driven that way.  Also will be buying a tubular k-member and a-arms, lightweight battery, fiberglass hood, and some other odds and ends to lighten up the car.  Not all of this will be purchased at the same time, so we will see how it is affected as each piece is installed.

May 21, 2002
Got the MAF-Translator figured out.  Wasn't needed too much after looking at Autotap.  My o2's were really good, but I just used the MAFT to fine tune it.  I also played with launch points.  I had always seen that the Vig3200 liked to be launched right off of idle.  Well I had always used that.  Since i was getting a ton of runs late in the night, i figured why not play with the launch.  Tried stalling up to 2000rpm first.  That brought my 60ft. down to a 1.69sec.  Then tried 2400rpm, and that brought it down to 1.68sec.  It's consistent as hell too.  I have two timeslips one right after that other, both with 1.681 60ft's, and a 12.314 and 12.318.  I got myself a bracket racer.

May 18th, 2002
After today's 12.3 run, I've noticed a few things.  I am experiencing a LOT of knock retard.  I'm gonna have to go through and make sure the y-pipe is not hitting the floorboard.  I'm pretty sure it is though.  Also, I know the catback is hitting the spare tire well, so I will have to fix that.  Then if it is still there, I'll have to go through and make sure everything is good.  I didn't have the MAF Translator on during that run because I haven't Autotapped the car to see where it is AIR/FUEL ratio wise.  So I didn't want to mess with it.  I also didn't do some of the free mods I could do.  I had the stuff at the track, but it was really busy and I didn't want to hold up the lines.  We will see how it runs next time.  I'm also having a hard time breaking into the 1.6's for a 60ft.  I'm gonna look into some HAL shocks for the front to see if I can lower the short time.
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