Favorite Young
Celebrity Republicans :

Elisabeth Hasselbeck
(from Survivor and
The View)


Noah McCullough
(8 yr. old
Presidential Expert from
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno)

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College Republicans went to the Democratic National Convention in Boston dressed as John Kerry's Flip - Flops.
(Photo by: Rob Bluey    Click here to see article)
SEE if you can FIND the BUSH TWINS......  HERE !!!!
        Approximately 30% of 18-24 year olds voted in the year, 2000. 70% of those who voted were over 65. In 2000, 18-29 year old voters were almost equally split between Bush and Gore.

         If you watch the events taking place through MTV and Rock the Vote, it's clear to see -- the Democrats think if they just get the youth out to vote -- they will definitely vote for them. Well, I am a Young American and I am voting for President George W Bush. Let's continue to prove them wrong!

         Make sure your friends know what is at stake this election... and encourage them to register to vote!
What is at stake this Election?

The security of America.

The threat of Terrorism at home and abroad.

The definition of Marriage.

The future appointments of our Supreme Court Judges.

The Scientific World of research and cloning.

The sanctity of Life for the Elderly and the Unborn.

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