"Lyon Legion"

Regimental flag located at General Sweeney's Museum
near Wilson's Creek Battfefield, Missouri

PURPOSE:  The purpose of this site is to collect and post information and data on the 24th Missouri Volunteer Infantry Regiment.  This is a dynamic web site that will change with new information from descendants, photographs, paintings, drawings, letters, diaries, newspaper articles, stories, legends, etc. and other sources containing information about the Regiment.

DEDICATION:  This site is dedicated to my Great-Grandfather, First Sergeant, Francis (Frank) M. Richards and my Great-Great Grandfather, Private Jonathan "John" Noblet who served honorably in Company K, 24th Missouri Volunteer Infantry for the preservation of the Union.  Both were members of the Greene-Christian County Home Guard prior to enlistment in the 24th.  Francis (Frank) was a cook, pontoonier and infantryman while on active duty.  After the war, he was founder of Rome, MO and a farmer, merchant and community leader.  He was also a member of the Grand Army of the Republic.  John Noblet also had a son John, who served in the 14th Missouri State Cavalry.  Little is known of both John Noblets.

UNIT HISTORY:  This unit never had an "official" history written for the national or state archives.  However, this site will provide a limited outline of major activites the unit participated in during the war.  A regimental history was written by J. Randall Houp,
The 24th Missouri Volunteer Infantry, "Lyon Legion".  This book is out of print, but is available in some libraries.  Interlibrary loans are also possible.

Brigadier General Nathaniel Lyon

Colonel Sempronius Boyd

The Regiment was formed under the direction of Sempronius Boyd.  A prominent citizen and lawyer from Sprinfield, MO, he was authorized by General Lyon, just prior to his death, to organize an infantry regiment.  General Lyon was killed at the Battle of Wilson's Creek, MO on August 10, 1861.  He was the first general killed in action during the Civil War.  The 24th Missouri Volunteers served from 1861-1865.  Colonel Boyd was a lawyer,  congressman, diplomat to Siam and mayor of Springfield, MO.


Pea Ridge, Arkansas                          March 7,8, 1862
Licking, Missouri                               May 26, 1862 
Pittman's Ferry, Arkansas                  October 27, 1862
Van Buren, Missouri                          December 28, 1862
Mill Creek Bridges, Missouri              April 24, 1863
Reelfoot Lake, Tennessee                   August 16, 1862
Little Rock, Arkansas                        September 10, 1863
Fort DeRussy, Louisiana                    March 14, 1864
Pleasant Hill, Louisiana                    April 9, 1864
Jenkin's Ferry, Arkansas                   April 30, 1864
Yellow Bayou, Louisiana                   May 18, 1864
Lake Chicot, Arkansas                      June 6, 1864
Tupelo, Mississippi                           July 14, 1864
Mineral Point, Missouri                    September 27, 1864
Franklin, Tennessee                          November 30, 1864
Nashville, Tennessee                         December 15,16, 1864

The Regiment consisted of Companies A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I and K.  Company E was attached to the 10th Missouri Volunteer Infantry and campaigned east of the Mississippi River.  Companies F and K formed a pontoon bridge battalion and served at various locations attached to other units as well as with the main regimental units of the 24th MO Volunteers.  The Regiment lost three officers and 40 enlisted men killed and mortally wounded.  One officer and 220 enlisted succumbed to disease for  a total of 264.  The last known survivor of the Regiment died in 1939.

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