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Updated 3/05/03 ^-^

Welcome. I am starting to work on getting this site up and looking good again. Wish me luck, ne? ^-^ I am also working on a new gallery soon. For now, feel free to look around.

Kyo Facts

Name: Kyo/Tooru Niimura

Nickname: warumono

Role in Dir en grey: Vocals/Screaming/Being Bloody

D.O.B.: 02-16-76

Astrological Sign: Aquarius

Where born?: Kyoto

Blood Type: B

Weight: Approximately 44 kg. or about 97 lbs.

Height: Approximately 5 ft. 0 in.

Personality: Moody, Joker, Bad Boy

Most Important Thing to Him: Dir en grey fans

Favorite Movie: Doraemon

Favorite Cigarettes: Mild Superlights

Favorite type of sake: Kirai

Siblings: 1 brother, 1 sister

Favorite Band: Buck-Tick

Favorite Type of Girl: anata..((you))

What he likes in Girls: Depends on the girl ^.~

Most Influencial Album: Sanba Best

Band Experience: 4 years, past bands are: Tsuki Shyoku, Visun, Masquerade and La:Sadie's.

What irritates him the MOST: calling him "kawaii" or "kyo-chan", he hates it!

Kyo...He's the one that does all the screaming and yelling!! I have been told and I also saw it on a site somewhere out there (???) that he has had vocal training. Kyo has an amazing voice, even though his live voice can be a little off at times...gomen, Kyo! ^^ Kyo writes most of the lyrics for their songs, and loves to confuse people with his writing style. Kyo has also done a solo project, a book of poetry, including a CD of some of his poetry. ^_^

In interviews, Kyo loves to talk about BLOOD, eating SCORPIONS and all that other FUN stuff! ^_~ He is also very evasive. He never gives a straight answer, and that's why he's so mysterious! And those PIERCINGS...!!!! Kyo is a gorgeous man, with and without the make-up. ^_~

His look has changed dramatically from the indies "Missa" look to the "Macabre"/"GAUZE" look...and now..."Kisou"...So far only 3 songs have been released from "Kisou" (that I know of), and they are all excellent!

I've been a fan of Dir en grey now since 2000. I recommend Dir en grey to just about anyone who likes any kind of *good* rock...I'm always telling people "you have to hear/see THIS!", then I throw on "Macabre" or the "GAUZE" VCD and watch their reaction...THAT is FUN!!

Please enjoy my site, and please e-mail me if you have any questions, comments or suggestions. ^__^

*The Kyo Gallery* Feel free to browse the icons I made ^-^...you may use them in livejournal...they are perfectly sized ^-^

Here is my banner if you want to link to me!

Here is a new banner I made for the new layout coming soon!

If you are on AIM...contact me at screen name "xkxyxox". See ya online! ^-^

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