TempleoftheOldOnesBehold the Green Path!
Temple of the Old Ones
The Temple of the Old Ones is a Left Hand Path order for gays,bisexuals,lesbians,transexuals/transgender/pansexuals,hermaphrodite,omnisexual,polysexuals,etc that is dedicated to the worship and return of the Great old Ones.

The Temple is Based on the Cthulhu Mythos,Satanism,Vampyrism,and Dark Paganism.Our beliefs are a theistic approach and combination of the philosophies and teachings of Cthulhu Mythos Magick,dark Paganism and Vampyrism,Satanism we believe in and promote hedonistic pleasure and indulgence and express these beliefs in tantra,fertility rites,as well as other forms of lust.

We seek to create the army of the dark Gods,and prepare for their return in part by establishing Covens worldwide.
We are not just an order for a hedonistic outlet,our main purpose is to worship the Dark Gods and to UNITE,so that those who oppose the Dark Gods and their followers will not overcome us,and to prepare for and establish the reign of Cthulhu and his Kingdom on earth.


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