Hi We are 2 girls who live in Canberra, Australia...we happen to be sisters and have been fans of the BSB since they thought they looked good in vests!  (about 7 years)  We have spent alot of time looking at all the BSB sites and figured it was time we put something out there.  This is our first ever attempt at a web site so please contact us if you have any comments or advice...we would be so excited to hear from anyone out there who has seen our site!!  wassup_wassup_bsb@yahoo.com.au

Please Note, while we love the boys we are not above making fun of them...this is not intended as an insult rather an appreciattion of the fact they
are human
Disclaimer: We do not know (but wish we did) and are not affiliated in any way (unfortunately) with the backstreet boys or management.  We have sadly never met them and have no connection or way of contacting them what so ever.  (If we did we would be doing that and not making web pages about them!!)
Candid Backstreet Boys
Some of the images used on this site are uncredited as we do not remember where we got them originally.  Please contact us if you recognise them so we can give you the credit you deserve.
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2 January 2004
OH MY GOD....I can't believe we totally abandoned this site.  We are going to start back into updating this site very soon so please check back soon!
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