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Maggie Mae
Born: July 21, 2001
Breed: Boxer   Sex: F
Nicknames: Maggie Mae Sweetie Pie and Maggie-NO!
Tidbits: I like to run,run,run and jump ,I love kisses,I LOVE to bark at, and harrass my new siblings (especially my brother Joxer).I absolutely ADORE my  brother Barney! We 'rassle ALL THE TIME and cuddle at naptime! Riding in the car is pretty fun too!I also want to thank my late sister, Allie, for all the great toys that she left me cuz they are FUN, FUN, FUN!!
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Last updated 01-09-2002
7 weeks old
UPDATES: Went to the Vet for final shots and spay on Nov.17,2001.  She's growing so tall and lanky, whereas Barney is more stocky and beefy.
Added a couple of new shots of Maggie with Joxer and Barney.
Barney and Maggie's first RV and beach trip...HOW FUN!. They HAD A BLAST and we're WORN OUT!! Check out the pictures via the link at the bottom of this page.
Love dem Niners!!
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12 weeks old
Link to pictures of Maggie's first trip to the Pacific Ocean
10 weeks old
20 weeks old
18 weeks old
16 weeks old
16 weeks old
16 weeks old
16 weeks old
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"Pictures of the Week"
23 weeks old
These photos all reflect Maggie's personality and the many sides to her nature. She's a very intelligent girl and very social with all of us.Her many expessions tell all!
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